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Sep 28, 2006 10:58 PM

Nice, inovative dinner Friday night - please an 80 year old from out of town - yet great vibe ?

I'm looking for some help on suggestions for tomorrow (Friday) night.
Group of 5 (rangeing from mid 20's to a youthfull mid-80's)
Must be quiet (you can be youthfull in your 80's but doesn't mean you can still hear well)
Ability to get a reservation a plus.
Looking for someplace that is mid-priced, and has interesting food that has its own take on things. In otherwords someplace you can't get outside of the city. Prefer something that is maybe not standard american or steakhouse...really open to cuisine suggestions.
Not married to a location as some will be driving in.

Bonus question - Suggestions for a nice, classic new york place for a drink after dinner. Think someplace in the vein of the Oak Bar.

Thanks in advance Chowhounders!

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  1. Devi would be my recommendation. The Indian cuisine served there is superb and very unlike the ordinary Indian fare found elsewhere. It is more expensive than your average Indian restaurant, but if you order from the a la carte menu, which will enable you to do a lot of sharing, you can keep the cost down.

    It's a large space on two levels with unique and elegant decor. While it's not particularly noisy, you can insure a very quiet (and cozy) environment by asking to be seated in one of the two curtained alcoves at the rear of the main level.

    Checking OpenTable, there is availability for Friday, the 29th, at 8 p.m.

    1. For some reason, Onera popped into my mind. Contemporary Greek in a low-key setting. Reservations are available through Open Table. It's on West 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway.

      1. Thanks to both of you for your replies...We ended up not eating in the city after all, but I appreciate your thougths. I haven't checked out Onera yet, sounds good, I think I'll add it to the list...

        1. try Sip Sak, Turkish food, all wonderful tradional starters, home made bread, very good main dishes, Everything is fresh with lots of veggies and good selection for everyone's taste. The restaurant just received one star in the NY Times and it is the best restaurant for your money in the quality price ratio that we have found.