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Sep 28, 2006 10:52 PM

Las Manitas First-Timer

I'm a bit embarassed to admit, I've never been to Las Manitas. Now that the clock is ticking, I'm going to try to get there soon. What is the best thing to order?

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  1. Wow. Let's make clear that Las Mas is an institution that deserves a lot of respect, but don't go if you are expecting to be blown away by la comida mexicana. Their corn tortillas are delicious, their enchiladas rojas are lovely, and I adore the huevos a la mexicana. Go for breakfast during the week, sit in one of the squeaky booths, and look for someone you know. Or on Friday, walk through the kitchen to the back patio and share a table with a bunch of attornies all eating the same thing they've had for lunch since 1987. Please be advised that is a place like Graceland is a place.

    1. For breakfast, I usually get a small posole and a al pastor taco (corn), with a cup of coffee or a beer. The migas a la mexicana con hongos are good. Go by yourself and sit at the counter with a newspaper. Be sure and go to the restroom at least once.

      1. What do you mean, "Now that the clock is ticking"? I'm not currently in Austin, so I'm concerned... Is something untoward happening to Las Manitas?

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          marriot wants to build a new hotel at the spot so basically LM is being forced out. lots of local support, but i dunno if that's gonna be enough.

          1. re: ktown378

            You can read an article about this at the Austin Chronicle website. I'm not in Austin either, but I've been following this story.

        2. If vegetarian tamales are on the blackboard do not pass them up.

          1. The original comment has been removed