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Sep 28, 2006 10:02 PM

Key Lime Infusion

Hi Folks,

I have a ton of Key Lime coming off of my tree this year. They are kind of sweet and very juice. Any liquor infusion ideas? Or, bulk drinks? I own a bar and could run a special to use them...

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  1. Wash them well and zest them carefully. Juice the limes. Add the zest of around 15 of them to a liter of vodka, and add 1/3 the juice. Infuse the zest for 4-5 weeks shaking occasionally. Add some sugar to taste. You will have Key Limeocello, serve shots ice cold.

    Freeze the excess juice to make key lime mojitos, caipirinhas, margaritas, whiskey sours...

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      Ya know what... key limes do not have the greatest skins for zesting. The beauty is in their juice. I used to have a giant key lime tree in front of my house. Make lime drops, daquiris (with mangos if you have them), dump them in sangria, key lime martinis, MOJITOS!!!

      You can also freeze the juice in ice cube trays and then keep the frozen cubes in a zip lock for later.

    2. ten days and a cup of simple syrup later and the lime infused vodka, Limeocello, what have you, turned out very nicely. now, what to do with the rest of the tree full of fruit.

      by the way, it is great over ice, with tonic water

      i used Kettle One and even with the addition of juice and simple syrup, the concoction does not freeze. And that is a good thing

      1. I'm not sure what type of bar you run, but you could infuse one batch each of all the major well drink liquors (vodka, rum, tequila, maybe even gin?) and do one of the following:

        -lime shots "tasting" menu
        -figure out what cocktail goes best with each liquor and run a lime cocktail night
        -advertise a key lime cocktail contest. My favorite bar in SF (Rye, on Geary) runs a monthly cocktail competition, and the winner gets his/her drink put on the menu for at least a month. The rules are that you have to hand over a recipe, and the bartenders need to be able to to follow the recipe and replicate the drink. I'm not sure who does the judging. Offer a prize to the winner (certain number of free drinks, dollar amount bar tab?) and watch your bar fill up.

        1. Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but couldn't resist a suggestion for a special offer if you have the same situation again... take a shot glass, add a fresh oyster, dash of tobasco, half fill with tequilla, top up with lime juice. Down she goes! Mmmm

          You'll just have to come up with a snazzy name for it, maybe Sea Sour?