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Sep 28, 2006 09:57 PM

what to do with a quart of buttermilk?

specifically salad dressings, but open to all uses...preferably low fat/low cal...thanks

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  1. Not sure about the heathly aspect but..... how about waffles or pancakes. Some people also drink buttermilk as a beverage.

    1. I'd definitely make lemon-buttermilk sorbet if you have an ice cream maker. Might also be able to do it without. Here is the link:

      It is absolutely delicious. The buttermilk flavor fades away and just lends a light creaminess to the sorbet. I have also used lime zest which makes it very pretty. Not exactly seasonal, but it takes exactly a quart and is no-fail.

        1. Epi's Spicy Oven Fried Chicken...sooo good and not much fat at all. The buttermilk and tabasco marinade give the chicken a delightful spicy tang.

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            2nd on making fried chicken!

          2. When I have a quart and only need a little bit for a recipe I freeze the rest in various sizes. It freezes well.