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Sep 28, 2006 09:43 PM

Whole Bunch of Key Lime

Hey everyone,

I have a seven year old key lime tree in my back yard and this year is the first one in which it has been meaningfully productive. And it has come on with a vengence. I was thinking of making key lime pie and cheese cake and of course many vodka tonics while manning the grill but does anyone have and good recipes out there that i could use a large amount of key limes in? a limecelo type thing, jelly, marinades... any thoughts? and yeah, it is a good problem to have.

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  1. Key lime sherbet from Cooks . It is SO good. Even people who do not like sherbet have to like this.

    Eta- they also have wonderful key lime squares.

    1. When we lived in New Orleans I had a very productive key lime tree, and after giving away bagfuls I used the limes in many recipes that called for lemons - i.e., pound cake, cookies, muffins, quick breads. Here in Phoenix we can get them in any Latino-focused grocery store and I don't have a tree, but I keep them around generally for margaritas, mojitos and other drinks. They are also great for seasoning chicken, fish, or meats. And I just love to rub the juice on my hands and smell them . . . kind of makes me believe I'm in Mexico.

      Sarah C

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        Do you ever notice strange discolorations on your skin after doing that? I seem to turn (temporarily) dark brown everywhere I get lime juice.

      2. You know Moroccan preserved lemons?

        Do it with Key limes instead, or half lemons and half limes. You won't believe the flavour it adds to things like tagines. Chop one up and put it in a crock of frijoles and watch the raves come flying in.

        1. I recently made a key lime bundt that was a huge hit. See attached.

          1. Key lime curd!! Delicious!

            Lots of caipirinhas to serve with, too, are always a good idea...