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Sep 28, 2006 09:35 PM

Food for taking on board plane at Dulles

I haven't flown out of Dulles in years. But tomorrow I'm on Air France to Paris where they're only serving breakfast.

Any recommendations for buying food at Dulles or should I get something before I arrive at the airport.


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  1. If you know what concourse you're leaving from, here's a list of restaurants there:

    I haven't found much there I'd want to bring on board-- sandwiches have been premade and are soggy and salads are wilted. The hot food might be different but I don't like bringing hot food on the plane w/ the smell and all.

    1. My take-aboard meal of choice is a bagel with cream cheese. It travels well, it's not messy, and unless you're planning for a big meal on an 8 hour flight, it holds me over until I land.

      It's been suggested (and I haven't test it) that cream cheese might be considered an illegal gel by the TSA security screeners, so if the idea appeals to you, wait until you get past security and take whatever bagel you can find in the airport rather than that really special one imported from the Lower East Side at great cost. <g>

      My other favorite take-aboard is a Starbucks chocolate chunk cookie.

      1. Thanks for the help.

        I'm kind of surprised that a 6:45pm flight from Dulles would serve breakfast but not supper. If they're going to serve one meal, I'd rather it be something a few hours into the flight instead of something just before landing.

        I'll eat before boarding. Eating anything halfway good is likely to piss off my fellow passengers for reasons of smell alone.

        I once sat next to someone on a flight from National to O'hare who brought along Chinese takeout. His steamed brocoli was so nasty I nearly gagged.

        A friend who's an exec at United told me their all-time nasty food aboard one of their planes was a passenger who brought along some very garlic-y calimari. The plane very nearly had to be fumigated afterwards.

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          Remember the "no frills" flights from some 30 years ago? I read a tongue-in-cheek article by one of the newspaper editorial humorists, maybe Art Buchwald or Herb Caen, in which he was describing one of those flights and how someone took a hibachi out of his luggage and was grilling shish kebab in the aisle. Today he would probably be assumed to be a terrorist.

          I think I'll stick with the bagel or chocolate chip cookie.

          Breakfast on a 6:45 PM flight? Really? Overseas, I take it.

        2. Go to The Deli in Herndon, info below. My fave is the Hot Sicilian single portion, but everything I've had is terrific. They have a somewhat newish sister store at Worldgate called A Deli, but it's a notch below the original.

          SBC would be another option, but honestly I'd do The Deli first.

          The Deli
          703 435 9085
          480 Elden St
          Herndon, VA

          You'll notice that you'll be in the famous KMart shopping center (lots of great chow in this strip). The Deli is on the far side, but sort of close to KMart.

          1. Are you sure about the meal? I fly a lot out of Dulles and I have never had an overnight international flight that didn't offer drinks followed by dinner and breakfast. I would check that again!!! Havings aid that-the food scene at Dulles really sucks, but they did just open a Japanese/sushi place in concourse B-Matsutake. There is a branch at Reagan adn it's pretty good.
            Of course you're probably gone by now so this won't do you any good!!!