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Sep 28, 2006 08:43 PM

Silverlake advice for tonight.

Greetings hounds,

Only lived in L.A. for my whole life- - -and I know zip about Silverlake dining. The other morning I went to the Beverly Soon Tofu restaurant for lunch and then explored the Silverlake area. Landed at the Gelato spot at Sunset and Hyperion- - -WOW, incredible. This is the impetus for tonights dinner. I want to have an enjoyable and tasty meal- - -and then head over for Gelato. Looking forward to hearing some tips.


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  1. go to la buca on i think santa monica.. search the threads for info. it's fairly cheap with excellent fresh made pastas... a perfect compliment to some kyoho grape gelato!

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    1. re: logan

      La Buca is on Melrose and it's in Hollywood, not Silver Lake.

      1. re: logan

        It's on Melrose near Wilton. Not in Silver Lake, but not that far away.

      2. Blair's in Silverlake is a fanatastic bistro. A little spendy, but well worth it.

        Alegria has great Mexican food. BYOB. Super casual.

        Il Capriccio on Vermont (Los Feliz, technically) offers delicious Italian food.

        Saito sushi is good, but spendy.

        Stay away from that sushi place near the gelato's terrible (used to be Cirxa).


        1. You can park once and walk to Pazzo Gelato from:
          - Malo, for casual Mexican and good drinks.
          - Nadpob, for very authentic Thai food.
          - Saito for good but not cheap sushi.
          - El Cochinito for Cuban, where we recently had a nice meal.
          - Cliff's Edge for ok food, nice patio and good drinks.
          Just a bit farther on Sunset are Dusty's, which I haven't tried, and Aroma, which is solid Italian but not as reasonable some of the others I've mentioned.
          I like Gingergrass, but it's not walking distance from Pazzo, and it tends to get very crowded.
          For various reasons, I'm not a fan of Tantra, Alegria, El Chavo, El Conquistador, Agra, or Cafe Stella.

          1. Well depends on what you're looking for. Since the weather's near perfect, I'd probably recommend a spot in the garden at Cliff's Edge where you can enjoy a range of possibilities and it is kinda the quintessential Silver Lake experience. Since the restaurant is across the street from Pazzo you can walk off your dinner on your way to get gelato. Fair warning: the place is unmarked but next to the 99 Cents store on Sunset and Edgecliff.

            1. i think if you're going to mention cliff's edge it's only fair to put cafe stella in the same breath. they both have o.k. food, but you really go for the atmosphere...

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              1. re: logan

                Is Cafe Stella the one with the courtyard and french menu? I went to a little French Bistro in Silverlake on a date a few years ago, and can't, for the life of me, remember where and what it was, but Stella sounds familiar...

                1. re: yogachik

                  Yes, it is called Cafe Stella. I won't recommend it because the prices have gone way up and the quality down somewhat (last time that I was there no one [4 people] liked what they ordered). But it is a lovely space and I always enjoy myself when I'm there but for French I would rather go to Mimosa.