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Sep 28, 2006 08:29 PM

Wedding Dinner

Hello there,

My girlfriend and I are getting married at City Hall next month, and looking for a nice place to take our families for dinner afterwards. We will be thirteen in all, including four kids between six and ten years old. A private room would be nice but isn't necessary if people won't be looking down their noses at the young ones. Price doesn't matter if the place is right.

Because some of our guests have conservative palates, and because we are both big fans of the cuisine, we are thinking French, or possibly Italian. Also, we have two vegetarians among us.

I've lived and eaten in Toronto most of my life, but I find myself stumped on this one!

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful.

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  1. Again I am recommending Midi Bistro...I don't work for them really! If I am entertaining a small group of people this is where I'd go. Besides, no rental fee. It is also French and they have vegetarian options. Here's a web link:

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      1. How about The Corner House - they have a few private rooms well-suited to a group that size.

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          A wonderful choice (see above)....I was at a wedding rehearsal dinner in one of the rooms. The owners are very understanding and accomodating...parking is not bad either. The Food is good and I'm sure that the Vegetarians in your group would have a couple of choices as well.

        2. You might want to look into Rosewater Supper Club and Susur - they both have really nice private rooms. I don't see either looking down on the kids either!

          good luck.

          1. Bodega on Baldwin Street might be a good choice. Close to City Hall too. Also, I haven't been there myself, but what about Michelle's Brasserie?