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Sep 28, 2006 08:17 PM

Rosco's big dog--Hartford, CT

I have to say...I've mentioned Rosco's before but I had two great dogs there today...I highly recommend them:
Die Fleider Dog....snappy dog in a grilled NE Style bun with horseradish mustard, cheese and saurkraut...mmmm
CC Rider which has chili-meaty sauce, mustard and cheese...also awesome. There's a container of Tipitina (something like that) sauce that is excellent on the CC Rider.

check them out...
they're on Franklin Ave in the South End of Hartford...but I hear they're moving downtown...rumor has it near Pratt Street.

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  1. How solid is the rumour that they are possibly moving downtown? Very interesting.

    1. We were there this weekend, my son loves the slopdog. They are moving to the Front Street redevolpment--it was supposed to be this fall, but now they are saying this spring. I'm not happy, Franklin Ave is really easy to get to.

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        1. Speaking of, I've never tried Woody's because of their hours not being conducive to mine. How is it? what do you like there? Do they have a Chicago Style dog?

          Well...if Rosco's is open Thurs-Sat evenings...I'll be kicking up my heels. That they close at 7pm kind of sucks.


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            Woody's is a good hot dog joint. They have a Chicago Dog as part of their normal specials. I get Hot Dog w/ the works which comes with all the normal stuff, sauerkraut, peppers, chili, and cheese (I hold the cheese)...

            1. re: Jestner

              Thought I'd throw Woodys website up in case you were interested.

              1. re: Jestner

                hey, thanks.

                what do you know about this 'hot chihuahua' challenge? says if you survive the hot dog, you get a button. thinking of trying that out ($3.25, can't go wrong).. am i looking at whole habaneros or what?


                1. re: goodbyeohio

                  No habaneros it has hot sauce hot relish super hot mustard jalapenos and small hot peppers.if you love hot food go for it.

          2. Interesting that Rosco's may be moving next to City Steam. I'm from N.J. and stayed overnight at a hotel within walking distance of City Steam. My family and I were on our way to Maine for vacation. We went to City Steam for some tasty beer and a meal. I'd love to go back. I've been to Rosco's once about 2 years ago with a friend of mine on an all day hot dog expedition. We hit about 7 places that day. I've been to about a dozen or more in Connecticut, and I'd have to say that Rosco's is the best. It's also one of the 2 best dogs I've had anywhere (Syd's in Union, N.J. is the other). Unfortunately I live far from Rosco's. Fortunately, I am able to obtain the dog that they serve since it's made and sold in New Jersey. Not many hot dog joints in Jersey serve this particular dog. But I can get it at the supermarket and enjoy it at home. This dog is so good that you can enjoy it with just a little mustard. But the chili and other toppings at Rosco's are excellent. When I was there, I enjoyed a dog with mustard, and one with chili and coleslaw. Long live Rosco's wherever they move to!

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              Hey! You post on the Manhattan board too don't you?
              I love chowhound. It's the one site that I consistently visit whenever I'm on the web.

              good info! thanks much!