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Sep 28, 2006 08:12 PM

Gyros in Arlington?

Any recommendations? Preferrably with chicken options in addition to regular gyros. I also love good tzaziki. Thanks.

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  1. Attila's (both on the Pike and in Court House) has good gyros (especially their chicken ones).

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    1. re: Bill4242

      I went to Attila's on Columbia Pike specifically for the chicken gyro and was very disappointed. I am anxious to try a few of these other suggestions. Though far from Arlington, Annapolis has a place with good chicken gyros -- Chris Charcoal Pit on West Street.

    2. Two Chefs on the corner of Wilson and N. George Mason is good also.

      1. Athens, 3541 CARLIN SPRINGS RD (behind Toys R Us) Bailey's Crossroads, just across Rte 7 into Alexandria - I love the french fries as well.

        1. I like the gyros at Mom's Pizza, in the Westmont Shopping Center at Glebe and Columbia Pike. bigger and juicier than Attila's down the street.
          Quiz time!
          this same shopping center was home to the first location, in the late 80s, of a now-famous local restaurant chain. it no longer occupies the spot between the auto-parts store and the Boston Market. can YOU name the restaurant? have fun kids!

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          1. re: Jamie D

            Ooh, ooh, I know! Five Guys?

            What do I win?

          2. ding ding ding you are correct! you win the everlasting respect of fellow hounds, congratulations!

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            1. re: Jamie D

              Quiz part 2: Where did the original 5 guys get their buns?

              1. re: bacchante

                I, for one, give up, tell us where! thx

                1. re: Jamie D

                  There was a bakery next door that made the buns for them. The name escapes me right now, but it was one of those old fashioned places that appeared to have been there since the 50's.

                  I thought they had gone out of business, but seems to me that I saw something about a bakery of the same name somewhere in Alexandria. I think I'll put out a post asking this question.

                  1. re: bacchante

                    That would be Brenner's. They were in the same shopping center at Glebe Road and Columbia Pike when 5 Guys was there.

                    I went to Thomas Jefferson Jr. high school (now some sort of community center) with the son of the owner, who was always a good touch when we were having a bake sale.