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Sep 28, 2006 08:04 PM

Sunshine Cafe in Lockhart

Can you believe that I would be in the bbq capital of the WORLD and didn’t eat at one of THE HOLY TRINITY (non-holy Chisholm Trail, btw, was a disappointment last time I was there).

Rather, I had a lunch special at the Sunshine Café, a strictly-for-locals 12 table place 1 block north of the main square on E Walnut St. Today’s special was chicken fried chicken or chicken and dumplings ($5.99/$4.99, including beans, fried okra, mashed potatoes, salad, iced tea, choice of cornbread or roll, and banana pudding dessert – can you beat that?). The food was great – freshly made by the owner/cook from scratch. The service: friendly. Ambience? Old building, rustic, and full of locals who know and greet each other ... kind of makes one yearn. In short, it’s a bit of a gem. And, surprisingly, they take plastic.

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  1. Boy haven't been to Lockhart in years.I'll have to try the place.And no,I never tried any of the BBQ in town either,.
    Thanks for the tip.

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      Acually, I've eaten at all of Lockharts bbq places many times. So many times, in fact, that I'm tired of them (sacre bleu) - for now - so I was pleasently surprised by Sunshine Cafe ... hope you enjoy it.

      I bet (actually, I know) that there are many such gems all over small town Texas just waiting to be enjoyed. Any recommendations, anyone? I'd start with the Buda Diner, open M-F, serving good home-style cooking in a friendly mom and pop and daughter environment... I especially recommend their very tasty, freshly made from scratch chicken fried steak ($7 for a usually good sized single with sides and a trip to the not bad at all salad bar, $9 for a double. That's right, 2 chicken fried steaks stacked 1 atop the other. Eat, chat with Crystal, enjoy - then rush to the nearest cardiac unit. By the way, they also have good made-on-the-premises desserts and a HUGE seletion of interesting magazines for those who are dining alone or with someone they don't particularly care for. And, as often in small towns, the prices are rock bottom.One last thing: they usually have a good size lunch crowd, which to me means that they are good indeed!

    2. The Cypress Creek Cafe in Wimberly deserves respect (they make their own salad dressings) (whoops meant to reply to HollyDolly's post above about other same town places).