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Sep 28, 2006 07:18 PM

Bahn Mi: Happy Donut v. Latte Express

I frequent Latte Express for bahn mi b/c it's just two blocks from my office, but sometimes I get tired ot the huge line. Does anyone know how the bahn mi at happy donut at bush and battery compare with the ones at latte express? (i saw a couple of relatively old posts on happy d., and assume it's still around.)

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  1. That's funny. I took a different route to work and walked past that Happy Donuts this morning, and wondered to myself if that's where people were getting bahn mi from. The menu over the counter had "sandwiches" but listed the usual suspects. There was a specials board, but I couldn't read what was on it.

    It's definitely still around, but I don't know about the bahn mi.

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      The specials board is where the action is. I've never had the bahn mi, but the curry chicken, curry fish, and black pepper chicken are very good (esp for the price and in the area!) Had the Korean Noodles today - not authentic but tasty. The pork with noodles is OK -- not as good as the curries. I'm not fond of the pad thai.

    2. Decent bahn mi - don't know that it's that different from Latte Express, but I've only had the pork at Latte and chicken at Happy Donut. My fave at Happy Donut is the wonton noodle soup - usually available on alternate days but I'm drawing a blank on it it's Tuesday & Thursday or MWF. I've heard that even if the bahn mi isn't on the board you can order it. Friendly owners who remember you even if you are only a semi-regular.

      1. The owners are great, and I agree, the specials are a good, simple deal for the neighborhood.

        The bahn mi are not, though.The pork is esp disappointing.