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Sep 28, 2006 07:16 PM

Is there anything in Toronto like the Korean hof restaurant in this review?

In the NY Times last week there was an article about a Korean hof restaurant.

Apparently hof restaurants specialize in deep-fried rotisserie chicken and beer. Sounds like a trifecta of awesome:
"It echoes a question from a friend when I tried to lure him to this Koreatown restaurant with the promise of deep-fried rotisserie chicken. He couldn’t fathom why they would want to go and do that.

One answer explains why humans deep-fry just about anything: because they can. Another is evident as soon as a platter of the chicken hits the table. The rotisserie keeps the flesh moist (even the cottony breast meat common to all lesser chickens) and the deep-fryer ensures crackling crisp skin. Why other cultures have not picked up on this Korean innovation is a question I can’t answer.

Piles of the twice-cooked chicken, available in large portions ($14.95) or mammoth ones ($18.95), are accompanied by a little heap of deep-fried garlic cloves, a bowl of pickled daikon radish and French fries or onion rings (choose the fries). A red squirt bottle of ketchup is ready for the fries; a clear squirt bottle of a vinegary hot sauce for the bird."

...OK just reading that quote is making me hungry. I'm really hoping that we have one of these fine examples of Asian culture here in our city...

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  1. Not that I know of but I'll ask some Korean friends to see if they have heard of a similar place... sounds great.

    1. The description you quoted has also aroused my interest (and my appetite as well)! First rotisserie and then deep-fried for crispy skin... Mmmmm mmmm mmmm!

      It reminds me of a chop house in Chicago where you could have the edge of their prime rib char-broiled on the steak grill. That there was some good eating!

      I'll be keeping track of this thread to find out if a place selling the twice cooked, Korean chicken is posted.

      BTW, what does "hof" mean?

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      1. re: juniorcruz

        According to the NYTimes article, they think "hof" came from the mispronunciation of "hops" by koreans. Isn't that hilarious???? BTW, I'm Korean-American and would love to go to Baden Baden as well. I too have never heard of deep fried rotisserie chicken but it is like my dream come true----fried chicken, kimchee, and lots of beer. :) I am a southern gal and that is a perfect blending of my two worlds!

        1. re: juniorcruz

          i thought all this time that a "hof" was a german word for bar or something.. but i've never researched this so i dont know..

        2. Excellent question. I hope someone has a response!

          1. Sounds a bit like Ajukar fried Chicken on Bloor west, west of Christie Pits. Not dissimilar to KFC (even looks like a rehabilitated KFC) and of similar quality. Except mostly frequented by Asians. Went once. Not worth a second trip.

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            1. I don't know about fried chicken, but if you're looking for a cool example of Korean food in the city, Bloor West by Christie Station there's this Soon-Tofu place ( I don't even know what's it called, but it has a bright yellow sign) that serves super-spiced home-made tofu with meat or veggies in a Stone Bowl. The bowl is super-heated and it comes to the table bubbling. It delicious, it's fast, it's perfect for the lower-then normal temptures we've been having. Also, a meal for two, including beer, is less then 25$.