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Sep 28, 2006 07:14 PM

British Food - Better than Reputation?

The UK, England in partiuclar, has a pretty bad food reputation that is pretty old now. It's a pretty common butt of American jokes, actually...I'm wondering how justified the reputation is. Is London on the rise as a restaurant town? How does it compare to Paris, Rome and New York? I bet the Indian food is good at least!

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  1. You need to say "has had a pretty bad reputation", past tense. It is now one of the top food destinations and I am countng the days (l1 to go before I am there) off to my next trip and having a hard time deciding just where our food $$$ will go.

    Anyone believeing that food in the UK is poor or bad is living in the past.

    1. Even back in the 60's, England had some great places to eat. I particularly recall the Hole in the Wall in Bath, The Bell Inn near Cambridge, and Terrazza's (sp?) in London.

      1. I'm a New Yorker who's been living near London for 2+ years. Take my word for it, the restaurant food (not to mention the supermarkets) is as good as almost anything you can find around the world. There are top places for every cuisine. It's a far cry from my first visit here in the 80's. I do miss good corned beef sandwiches and Trader Joe's but nothing in life is perfect. :-) The EU has had some negative effects on the UK but it certainly improved the food situation. Spread the word!!

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          SO and I spent July in London and were absolutely awed by the variety of foods available in local markets (locals were Waitrose, M&S). We had lunch out almost every day, taking advantage of set-price menus in some terrific restaurants, and had great meals even in museum dining rooms (especially the National Gallery--regional menus every week, superb scrambled eggs and salmon with country bread and piles of yummy butter on the weekend). In the evenings we brought in ham or chicken, baguettes, salads, and LOTS of double cream! Oh the dairy, oh the vegetables!!! Oh the ham! Oh the salmon!!

        2. As a Londoner living in the US for the past 3 years, and traveling around the US a lot, I am still desperately missing food from home. You can't beat a trip to Waitrose to fill your kitchen with fabulous food! Trader Joe's is good, but includes a 3 hour drive for me.

          1. Indian food is wonderful in the U.K. And NY and London do still have trendsetting restaurants. Take Hakkasan and L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon as recent examples.