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Sep 28, 2006 07:08 PM

Recommended beef cuts for a Crock Pot?

Lately, I've been making a lot of pot roasts and other similar dishes using my Crock Pot. For the most part, I've been using chuck roast to make these with, and most of the time it turns out reasonably well, but some of the recipes I've tried just don't work out, and I'm a bit concerned about the fat content. What other cuts are good for slow braising in a crock pot?

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  1. Short ribs are fantastic. If you have the time, brown them first........succulent!!! It's funny.....short ribs are pretty expensive at the supermarket, but I buy them at BJ's wholesale and they are soooo much cheaper.

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      JNUNZMAN, how much are they in your area, may I ask? I get gorgeous meaty and pretty lean ones here in FL at Publix for $2.99 per pound and they are often on sale for $2.49 or $2.29 per pound and I have to almost physically stop myself from buying them as I've cut way back on red meats but these are a weakness for me, I'll admit!

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        At BJ's, I normally get a very large pkg, about 4 lbs, for about $11, or about $2.75 per pound. For some reason, all of the supermarkets in my area charge over $5 per pound. A pkg of 4 short ribs is over $10!!!

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        I went ahead and picked up some short ribs from the store to give this a try. Any particular recommendations on what to use for a braising liquid with these?

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          I would use combo of beef stock, red wine, and crushed tomatoes.

      3. If I'm cooking a roast that's extra fatty, hence flavorful, I cook it a day early, put it in the fridge overnight, then the next day take the cold hard fat off the top. I hope that helps. As far as your question about which cuts....I buy whatever is cheapest or on sale.

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          I do that too - just did it this week.

          Here's the easiest recipe with some great flavor:
          1 2-3lb roast (I start with frozen)
          1 jar of pepperoncini

          Pour the entire contents of the jar over the roast. Cook on low for 8+ hours. YUM!!

          They make disposable crock pot liners now. They are a Godsend in cleaning the pot.

          1. re: mamamia

            I make this same thing, but I add garlic, sliced onions and a bay leaf. When it's done, I shred it, throw it on a sub roll and top with shredded cheese! Although, I don't start with it frozen, oh - and I also trim most fat but will put the roast fat side up so it keeps the meat extra moist and flavorful.

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              Don't you folks put a can of beer in there?

        2. I used brisket in a crockpot and it came out nicely.

          1. Brisket would probably work, although a lot of the ones I find in the stores around here are probably too large to fit inside in one piece (although that's not a big issue if you're going to pull it before serving.) I'll have to check out the crock pot liners (I've seen them before, never tried them) although I haven't ever really had too much difficulty cleaning mine out.

            As for recipes, here's what I usually do:

            -Thaw (if frozen) and brown the roast in a saute pan before placing into the pot (as I mentioned earlier, usually chuck roast, I'm trying to find out what else might work well)
            -Deglaze the pan with beef broth, reduce a bit and pour into the pot
            -Depending on what I'm making, add other ingredients. For a pot roast, it'll usually be 1-2 cans of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup, some baby carrots and onions. Sometimes I'll add BBQ sauce, which is what I was trying to do last night to mixed results.)
            -Let it go for about 6-8 hours on low. Great for a meal to start before church on Sunday and have ready when I get home