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Sep 28, 2006 07:03 PM

If you were skipping work tomorrow......

and wanted to take your signif. other somewhere fun/tasty for lunch downtown (village, LES, chelsea), where would you go? looking for some inspiration. nothing too fancy and don't want to make reservations. no partic. genre in mind, but someplace w/ a good vibe that serves lunch w/ sandwiches, salads, apps. perhaps. Any favorite lunch spots?

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  1. I would hope that it will be a sunny fall day and we could sit at an outside table at 'inoteca. We would enjoy a long leisurely lunch with lots of wine, at least one truffled egg toast, a cheese plate, an antipasto plate, and some other treats. Hmm, maybe we should call in sick tomorrow :-)

    1. Eater reports that Prune opens for lunch tomorrow. That might be interesting to check out. Otherwise, I love Westville for a relaxed lunch (if you can get a seat).

      1. i'd check out prune - though it might be a madhouse considering their lunch just started. i like upstairs at bouley for lunch and spotted pig is a good bet too since it's such a hassle to get into for dinner.

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          The website lists Upstiras at Bouley as only open for dinner.

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            you’re right - we didn't eat from the menu but had food from the downstairs bakery in the dining room upstairs. they serve salads, sandwiches, soups and the like per original posts request.

            1. re: chowcito

              Thanks for clearing that up, and if it is a nice day they can eat the bakery food at one of the outdoor tables right in front.