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Sep 28, 2006 06:40 PM

Restaurants in Monmouth, Maine?

Hi guys,
I'll be going to Monmouth w/my BF & my parent's to see a musical
@ the local theater, & could use some reccomendations for any good
restaurants that might be in, around, or near the town of
Monmouth, Maine. (I already know about Little Dan's BBQ--great
place to eat, but am not sure if it's my Mom's "Cup 'O Tea!") :)
This is for this Saturday. Any help would be great! Thanks. :)

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  1. The new restaurant at the Senator Inn, Augusta is probably your best bet. I think the menu is online.

    Or Cole Farms in Gray, if you're driving up from the south.

    1. There is a new place in Monmouth called Rainforest (local, not the national chain). I have not been or heard any reports.

      Lil Dan's BBQ has recently moved to Lewiston.

      In Winthrop (10-15 minutes from Theater)there is Pepper's (right off 202 in shopping center past Mister Market). Mix of families and a "bar crowd"; varied items are generally the burgers, meats, and daily specials. Service is generally friendly and competent; kitchen can be slow if crowded.

      Also in Winthrop is Sully's (downtown behind central parking lot). Very basic Maine steak and seafood type place. Food can be good but less consistent. Service usually very good.

      We will be at same show Saturday. Enjoy.

      Also, if you do try the new Rainforest, let us know how it is.

      Edited to add: Just saw Jack's suggestion of the Senator. That is actually a good choice in terms of food quality. The restaurant is called Cloud Nine and offers a good raw bar, wood-oven pizza, excellent fish and seafood. It is, however, much farther from the theater.

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      1. re: HDinCentralME

        Hi again,
        Thanks you two! I can't believe Lil'Dan's moved to Lewiston!
        That's kind of dissapointing. :( :) Thanks for the suggestion
        about the Rainforest restaurant. It's cool you're going to the
        same show. I was actually in a couple or 3 of the Theater at
        Monmouth's Gilbert & Sullivan's musicals. Starting w/the Mikado, then Pirates, & then Iolanthe. My Dad was in them,
        also. (If you know who I am, please don't say my real name,
        not to be parinoid, but you never know!) :)
        I have not yet been in The HMS pinnafore. My boyfriend hasn't
        ever seen a Gilbert & Sullivan musical, or been to the theater
        there, so it should be fun!
        Ooops! Sorry, this was/is supposed to be about food, alone,
        huh?! Got carried away. I'm new! :) Can we talk about other
        things too, as long as we don't get too carried away like
        I just did?! :) Cheers. Lil'B.

      2. A couple more things:
        Do either of you know the phone number to the Rainforest
        restaurant in Monmouth that you suggested? Next question:
        Would anyone know the phone number to that same restaurant?
        The last question: Does anyone know if my Bf & my parent's
        & I will need a reservation for this Sat.? (Any Sat., really?!)
        I think we're going to try the restaurant! I'll deff.
        report back! :-)

          1. I live nearby, in Mount Vernon. Slate's in Hallowell is nice, as is the Liberal Cup (also in Hallowell). The Liberal Cup is pub-style food, but we like the atmosphere. The A-1 Diner in Gardiner is also good, depending on what specials they have.

            Some people like the Wings Hill Inn and the Village Inn, both in in Belgrade Village. Honestly, I've not had great luck with Wings Hill. If you like duck, the Village Inn is the place to go but their other entrees aren't anything spectacular.