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Sep 28, 2006 06:33 PM

Best Pho - Herndon / Ashburn / Sterling area

I commute from DC to Ashburn daily, and some of those hours in monster traffic, the Pho jones hits me.

Some of the places off 7 / Cascades are more asian food types, than Pho shops. There you end up with a bowl of mostly hot water.

Who offers the best quality bowl of Pho in that part of N Virginia?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Pho Reston 75 (NOT Pho 75 chain). Whiele Rd exit, turn north, go past the McTacoHut that's across from the Exxon and Fire house. At the next light, North Shore, take a right, the first left and you'll be in Tall Oaks. PR75 is down to the lower left of the complex. They have a full menu, but the pho is the star.

    Pho 2000 in Worldgate at the Elden St exit in Herndon is also really good and they have a nice ranging menu also.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      I had a time figureing out the directions, but is this the place? 12020 North Shore Dr
      Reston, VA 20190
      (703) 481-5935

      Gong down 7 to 602, turn R, then L on to 828 Wiehle, then L on North shore?

      If so, heading there Friday

      1. re: RobertM

        That is the place. My directions were from the Toll Road.

      2. re: Dennis S

        Pho 2000 probably has the biggest ranging Vietnamese menu in the area & Pho wise has more than just the standard Pho combinations. Chicken in the hot pot is great there.

        1. re: Dennis S

          Pho Reston 75 does squid particularly well for a strip-mall joint. I like their seafood soup.

        2. Pho 99 in the Clocktower off Centrville Rd/Toll Rd does a good job with Pho

          1. Pho 75 in Kmart Center on Elden in Herndon. The only thing they serve there is Pho, so that beef broth is always fresh. Not fancy dining, but cheap, good & hits the spot.

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            1. re: SkinnyChef

              This is my favorite pho place. Noodles are not over cooked. Broth is good. I loved the smell of the pho at Saigon Pho Style, but the taste wasn't there for me. (I love other dishes at Saigon Pho Style - just not the pho! Their beef salad, chicken salad and clams are yummy)

              I go to Pho Bac in Chantilly - pretty good and nice people. Viet Crystal (in the same shopping center) is prettier - but when I order pho with tripe - won't let me have it!!

              1. re: MarietteB

                I'd be curious on your take of Pho Reston 75 in Tall Oaks. I think it excels over Pho 75.

                I agree on the Saigon Pho Style, and thought that Pho Royal was also sweet, but not as bad as SPS. I'll have to go back to SPS for some other dishes. Any recs would be welcome.

                Personally, I now need to try Pho Vietnam based on PollyG's review below.

                Tall Oak's Restaurant
                1541 Colony Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122

                1. re: Dennis S

                  I will also try Pho Vietnam. Pho Reston 75 was pretty good - but not as good (for me) as Pho 75. I do not like the Pho 99 at Clocktower. Very pricy and not so good.

                  1. re: MarietteB

                    Oh yeah - definitely agree on Pho 99. I put it out of my mind so much after one time I keep forgetting that it's there.

                    I'll try to hit Pho Vietnam next week some time.

                    1. re: Dennis S

                      So - by chance I ended up near Pho Vietnam and so I stopped in. To me, it isn't quite as rich as PR 75, but I liked it. I'm going to have to try regular Pho 75 very soon to compare again. I'd say Pho Vietnam - for pho, is either 2nd or 3rd best in my opinion - but I can tell we all have our own discerning tastes.

                      Btw - in that clock tower area there are a good handful of places I didn't know about. I knew about the one tacqueria almost directly under the clock but there looks to be 2-3 others (or pupeserias, etc), at least one pollo place (next to PV) and more. Any stand-outs worth knowing about up there? Between the clock tower and across Rt 7 I saw two places advertising saltena's - anything worth checking out?

                      1. re: Dennis S

                        Since I was on a roll I went to Pho 75 today in Herndon. It's been a while since I've gone - like years. It was good. I definitely think it's the second best in this area, but I think Pho Reston 75 takes the edge - for me.

                        The subjective difference is that I think PR75 has a bit more of a umami nature to the broth. Pho 75 was a tad sweet but not to some of the others listed here as being sweet.

                        It was a tad thinner broth than PR75, I feel, but not what I remember it being. As a backstory, about 5/6 years ago or more, pho in general seemed to hit a boom and Pho 75 in particular. There was a decently strong sentiment on this board that Pho 75 *could be* - at times - watered down. I certainly felt that was occurring.

                        I did go at probably the best time to avoid this, if it still happens, but I wanted to give them the fairest shake.

                        So - my personal subjective ranking is Pho Reston 75, Pho 75, Pho Vietnam, Pho Royal - in that order.

                        1. re: Dennis S

                          The Lebanese place on the clocktower side is very good--even their lunch buffet is darned decent. We are far less impressed by the Afghani kabob place near Pho Vietnam. The Pollo place is good.

                          I haven't been to Pho 75 in Herndon (that's the one in the K-mart plaza, right?) in years. When we got noodles that were a gloppy mess at the bottom of the bowl, obviously pre-cooked and allowed to chill, we never went back.

                          Pho Reston is good for Pho, but I prefer the overall menu at Pho Vietnam.

                          1. re: PollyG

                            Thanks for the added info!

                            I had been way turned off by Pho 75 - the one near KMart as well. My issue was overly weak broth that tasted like it had been turned over. I was happily surprised by yesterday's meal, but again I gave them the best odds by going on the early side of a Monday lunch when the batch most likely is truly fresh and full potency.

                            It sounds that - like you - I've been underwhelmed by Pho Reston 75's menu outside of pho and summer rolls. Not had anything bad, but nothing to keep me coming back for dishes other than pho. I'll need to try out Pho Vietnam's other menu items. I did like the place.

                2. re: SkinnyChef

                  I've eaten Pho 75 in Herndon before. It's alright, not great. Of all the Pho places in the Herndon area, it's the best.

                  I think Pho Bac in the Chantilly area on Rt. 50 (Sully Plaza Shopping center, next to the Shopper Food Warehouse) is slightly better than Pho 75. But, it's outside of the Herndon area.

                  1. re: David_Wang

                    Give Pho Reston 75 a try - it's in the Tall Oaks center off Wiehle.

                    I agree about Pho Bac (in that I put it about at Pho 75 - passable but not the best). There's another place on the backside of that center (across from the 7-11) with a more complete menu, but also pho. They used to be very good, though I haven't been now in a while (almost went last week but hit Sichuan Village instead).

                3. There is one in Sunset Business Park,Saigon Pho Style, on Spring street (Spring Hill) and Herndon Parkway (you may see China King in the front), this restaurant stayed all the way in the back .Great,clean atmosphere.They are not just have Pho but much ...more and are very tasty . The price is right .I love this place. Here is their phone number if you cant find them 703-435-9573

                  1. Saigon Pho Style is an authentic Pho place because they have one of the greens that you put in the soup that given best flavor, the owner told me "that's how truly Pho should taste" , I agreed , They also have veggie Pho there too .