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Sep 28, 2006 06:23 PM

Where to Go for the Best Hot Dog

I am going to Chicago in November, and I know the city is renowned for its hot dogs. I think they even did a PBS special on the topic a few years back. For you Chicago natives or those that have spent a lot of time there, where is the "best" place to get a Chicago hot dog?

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  1. Everyone has their favorites, but you could always go right to the source and visit the lunch room at the Vienna factory on Elston Av. just north of Fullerton.


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    1. re: Markauf

      or Hot Dougs who also makes his own!

      1. re: GutBomb

        No he doesn't.

        A small number of the special sausages are made to his specifications, but none of his sausages are made in-house, and none of the sausages on the main menu are made to his recipe by others.

        The hot dog he uses is a standard vienna hot dog.

        1. re: gleam

          Hot Dougs serves much more than the standard Vienna variety.

          1. re: amoncada

            As I said, the hot dog he uses is a standard Vienna hot dog. I said nothing about the rest of his menu, except that none of them are made in-house, but some are made to his specifications.

    2. This is an impossible question (that could lead to fisticuffs in some quarters) to which there are no right or wrong answers. Chicago has the most, and the best hot dog purveyors per capita on the planet.

      My personal favorite is 10 minutes south of O'Hare on River Road, just north of Grand Avenue (and the BP/Mickey D's on the corner) - the ever-popular Gene's and Jude's.

      Red hots, tamales, fries, Pepsi (NOT Coke). Mustard, relish, onions and sport peppers. That's the extent of the menu, unchanged since 1951. If you want ketchup you'll have to swipe it from the McDonald's next door.

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      1. re: Grizzly

        Please don't use the "K" word here. Thank you.

        1. re: Grizzly

          I agree completely. Gene's and Jude's. Before I moved here it was the first place I'd eat whenever I was in town. DO NOT ASK FOR KETCHUP.

          1. re: cdphx2k5

            I totally disagree on Gene and Jude's. We used to go there for the best hot dog. The last time we were there, I literally could not bite through the skin of the hot dog. I had to tear the filling out with my teeth. What happened?????

        2. Ketchup !?!!!
          I believe you could be subject to immediate arrest if you're caught putting ketchup on your Chicago dog!

          1. The only thing that would cause fisticuffs at Gene & Judes, is that ketchup remark!

            Plus it might even get you booted off the Chicago board all together!

            1. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with hot dogs from Gene and Jude's. Not only fries, but truly great fries!! Let's give Grizzly the benefit of the doubt and assume the ketchup was for the fries, not the hot dogs. Be prepared for a long line of people, and no seating anywhere - except for your car in the parking lot. Well worth it, though.

              Another favorite is Superdawg Drive-In at 6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, at the corner of Devon and Nagle. Again, you eat in your car, but this time with car hops. Some picnic tables if the weather is nice. Web site says they have a "cozy, indoor dining room" but I have never noticed it. A little more variety on their menu. Great dawgs and pretty good fries.