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Good Places to Eat in Montreal

We are headed to Montreal next weekend and will be staying in the old part of the city. This is our first trip there, we were wondering if any of you had some insider tips on where to get some great food - restaurants and specialty shops included . . .

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  1. Frenchie is right, but I must hazard one recommendation for a special meal out, if that's part of the plan--Brunoise. One of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at, and I've been to plenty of them! Very inventive, good service, terrific food, nice ambience...you can't lose.

    1. you could try one of the new restaurants that openned in the last few weeks/months

      Garde manger ( reviews in the voir this week www.voir.ca
      )Zumaia ( Spanish Basque food, I'm trying it tomorrow )

      as for speciality shops, go to Jean Talon Market, and have a look at "Le Marché Des Saveurs"

      1. I really enjoyed Brunoise.....

        1. In Old Montreal, there's Le Club Chasse et Peche. Try the braised Kurobuta pork risotto with foie gras slivers.


          Ditto everything 280 Ninth said about Brunoise, plus Zach, the host, is a very cool guy.

          1. Ditto the Brunoise love.

            In Old Montreal: try Titanic on St.Pierre (I think) for sandwiches. Friends have had good meals at Chez L'epicier (we had the tasting menu as it was good but not amazing).

            Specialty shops: Les Chocolats de Chloe on Roy on the Plateau for chocolate (it's a 2 miunute walk from Brunoise) and Fairmount Bagel for (of course) bagels.

            1. Yup~another vote for Brunoise here! In the Vieux Port try Garde Manger(on St Francois Xaviet justoff Rue St Paul no sign just a pink light). It's loud but with great bavette et frites and shellfish galore. Oysters are a sure bet.

              We did eat at Chez Epicier and I would say skip it. For the money you can eat all sorts of better places.

              1. I can add or second to those reccomendations,
                Au Cinquieme Peche(small cozy resto but really well executed food), La Montee de Lait(same as before but with a bit more emphasis on hipper ingredients and presentations), club chasse et peche(truly perfectly executed food , great atmoshpere and decor), Les deux singes de montarvie(biased opinion i work there). As far ash shops, Jean-Talon market has a plethora of shops for everything you might want, i just found this great charcuterie stand there yesterday "Les cochons tout rond".

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                  Good advice, all of it, cricklewood. And Les cochons tout ronds is definitely worth the detour. Their "prosciutto" is excellent and their chorizo world-class. That being said, seize the day: when I inquired last weekend, they said the JTM stand would be open only through the end of October. They will also have at stand at the Salon des métiers d'art in the lead-up to Christmas. And if they set up shop at the JTM again (they thought they would but couldn't say for sure), it won't be until the end of April or early May.

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                    last day for "Les cochons tout rond" will be the 22nd of october, so stock up.

                2. I did love Brunoise as well and it's truly a worth while visit but if you want something unique, as in, not to be found anywhere in North America, go to Au Pied de cochon. Google for it to read some of the reviews. You won't regret it, unless you have something against foie gras.

                  1. I noticed that no one said anything about Olive + Gourmando, which is a great place on St Paul. They're good for a coffee, brunch or lunch. I don't think they serve dinner, but I'm not sure. Their hot chocolate and Valhrona brownies are amazing!

                    I also like Stash Café on St Paul for great Polish food. I think it's really good, though I know several people who have disagreed. Their flaczki (tripe soup) is great, and they do the usual pierogies. They have a pianist in the background who does his own takes on the Simpsons theme song. :)

                    There is (or was?) a gourmet food shop on McGill St in Old Port which turns itself into a nice little brunch place on Sundays (and I think Saturdays too). I can't remember the name (starts with L, I think) - it's around Place d'Youville. They had some very interesting dishes when I was there a few months back - I particularly remember a red rice porridge.

                    For the touristy touch, there's Jardin Nelson in the main square of Old Port (don't remember the name of it! argh!). They have live jazz or classical quartets/trios. It may be a little too cold for their back garden patio area, but it really is nice. Their salads and egg dishes are nice, as are their crepes.

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                      Just found the place on McGill! It's reviewed in Hour's resto reviews. It's called Le Cartet: http://www.hour.ca/food/food.aspx?iID...

                      They have something like 20 different varieties of bottled water, which makes the place a little pretentious. Otherwise, I found the food to be very interesting and fun. Their Lumberjack breakfast came in a mini cast-iron pan, which was cute.