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Sep 28, 2006 06:20 PM

Good Places to Eat in Montreal

We are headed to Montreal next weekend and will be staying in the old part of the city. This is our first trip there, we were wondering if any of you had some insider tips on where to get some great food - restaurants and specialty shops included . . .

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Frenchie is right, but I must hazard one recommendation for a special meal out, if that's part of the plan--Brunoise. One of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at, and I've been to plenty of them! Very inventive, good service, terrific food, nice can't lose.

      1. you could try one of the new restaurants that openned in the last few weeks/months

        Garde manger ( reviews in the voir this week
        )Zumaia ( Spanish Basque food, I'm trying it tomorrow )

        as for speciality shops, go to Jean Talon Market, and have a look at "Le Marché Des Saveurs"

        1. I really enjoyed Brunoise.....

          1. In Old Montreal, there's Le Club Chasse et Peche. Try the braised Kurobuta pork risotto with foie gras slivers.


            Ditto everything 280 Ninth said about Brunoise, plus Zach, the host, is a very cool guy.