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Sep 28, 2006 05:59 PM

5 guys burgers :pro's and cons

Was wondering if people could list 2 pro's and 2 cons about 5 guys famous burgers and fries. Also do you know any of their secrets ot making their tasy food?

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  1. Pros:

    -Free peanuts.
    -The staff seems like they're on the ball. Service is usually pretty snappy and efficient.


    -Dry burgers. Probably using 90-95 percent lean beef. They also press the burgers down. I know they're supposed to only do it once, but that's all you need to press all the juice out. Also, the beef is occasionally "skunky."
    -Greasy fries. Instead of frying them twice (Belgian frite style) they're tossed in once then dumped in the heat rack. If they're not immediately served fresh from the fryers, they're inevitably soggy.

    I could go on, but those are my top 2. Aside from their hotdogs, I wouldn't describe much at 5Gs as "tasty."

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      I have to burgers have never been "dry" or "skunky" at Five Guys. The fries are greasy...but at least it's from peanut oil...I love the flavor and natural look to them...and btw fries are supposed to be greasy! But I guess it's matter of opinion as to how much.

      -great prices
      -tons of fries for cheap
      -don't feel nasty after eating their food compared to the regular chains (Wendy's, McD's...etc.)
      -the use of peanut oil
      -fresh toppings

      -slow to prepare food...i've had to wait quite a while...which seems weird for a "fast-food" restaurant.
      -messy floor from peanut shells...feel like i'm gonna slip and fall.
      -occasional mess-up on toppings

      Sorry i think i went over my limit.

      1. re: AlliantK

        The place is just wildly inconsistently and "skunky" meat is right on the money. It's happened enuf that I just don't bother with 5G's when I get the urge for a burger. I just plunk down the 3-5 extra bucks at a sit down place that can do a halfway decent burger (last couple of times: Matchbox, The Place formerly known as 4Ps)

    2. Pros: Not nearly as bad as McDonald's, Burger King, or other fast food joints. Fries (which I have not found to be too greasy). Cons: Not nearly as good as In-n-Out on the West Coast. Greasy burgers with a slight fast food aftertaste.

      1. Pros:

        -My local 5G DOES twice-fry the fries so they're very tasty and they give you loads.
        -Fresh toppings

        -Whiny people who act like 5G is McD's and biotech about slow service (what part of "made to order" isn't understood?). The longest I've ever had to wait is ten minutes and that was on a Saturday night when the place was packed
        -Can be VERY loud

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        1. re: MandalayVA

          I understand and appreciate the "made to order" feature at 5G's...and I'm glad you've only had to wait ten minutes...unfortunately I've had to wait at least 20 mins. at the G-town location and the place wasn't even that busy. I think it was around the time they first opened so they were probably working out the kinks. But over-all I'd say they have pretty good service.

        2. Pros: Made to order burgers, lots of toppings, fresh toppings.

          Great staff...always friendly and willing to go the extra mile.

          Nice hot burger, fresh buns, lots of napkins, good hot fries and lots of them.

          Cons: no chili for the dogs.

          1. Perhaps the quality varies by location? We just went (with our 2 kids) to the one on Security Blvd. I'd never been to a 5 Guys before, so here are my impressions:

            Burgers and fries were awesome! They were moist but *not* dripping which I can't stand. I also like the choice of toppings.
            Fries were also hot and fresh, and I've never seen such a large amount. Next time we will definitely order a "small"!
            Kid-friendly atmosphere, and they have outdoor seating.
            Cheap! 4 of us ate for around $15 which is less than we often spend for fast food.

            Cons (and I'm really not complaining):
            Menu is limited to burgers, dogs and fries. If a "light eater" is in your group, they will be SOL unless they can handle a grilled cheese.
            No kids meal or kid-sized portions (mine shared a grilled cheese)
            Not close enough to my house (maybe my arteries are grateful!)