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Sep 28, 2006 05:58 PM

breakfast place near LAX

Looking for a good breakfast place near LAX. Any suggestions?

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  1. Well, there is Pann's on La Tijera and Dinah's on Sepulveda. There are partisans and detractors of each. I like Pann's myself. There is also a little diner on La Tijera close to Sepulveda called the Coffee Company -- a neighborhood place where I had a pretty decent breakfast once. Nothing spectacular, and I don't usually get a chance at breakfast so I haven't been back, but its where I go to wait for a plane to land.

    1. Uncle Bill's (5.5 miles from LAX)
      1305 Highland Avenue (at 13th Street)
      Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
      telephone: (310) 545-5177

      Eat at Joe's" in Hermosa Beach. It's at the former location of the Backburner Cafe in Hermosa Beach:
      87 14th Street (at Hermosa Avenue)
      Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
      telephone: (310) 376-0601

      Both south LAX about 7 miles

      1. I can't remember every decent place in El Segundo, but downtown Main street has a number of options. Wendys is a small diner type joint on Grand just west of Main. Mandys is one block south on Main and does a respectable job on breakfast items, notably breakfast burritos (request ham only).

        1. Manhattan Beach is a wasteland for food for two out of the three meals each day, but they do breakfast well. There is Uncle Bill's Pancakes, which has good buckwheat pancakes. And there is The Kettle, which has very good bran muffins and a full diner menu. There is also Koffee Kart, which has biscuits and lots of other breakfast food that really sticks to your ribs. And there are usually a few entertaining curmudgeons eating at the counter there.

          1. Coffee Company would be my rec. They are very close with ok food.