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the 'new' Yoshi's - anyone?

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Hi folks:

I'm going to a jazz show this weekend at Yoshi's, and I'm planning on eating there, - since I want to get there early and ghopefully get a good seat for the show!

I see the restaurant has a new chef, and a new menu online.. without prices listed (don't you just *hate* that?) Has anyone been to the 'new' restaurant yet, and can comment on the food and the prices?



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  1. Can't wait to hear reports -- since they are building a Yoshi's as part of the Fillmore Jazz District in the new building...

    1. Another Yoshi's in SF? I didn't know. 'Fillmore Jazz district'?
      Guess I haven't been downtown in a while.

      I will be sure and report on my experience at 'the new' Yoshi's in Oakland, after this weekend. Hopefully the food matches the quality of the music, which I already know is sure to be 'up my alley'.


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        It is not in downtown, but is under construction at 1300 Fillmore, a block or so away from Geary, a neighborhood full of local jazz clubs like The Fillmore, The Boom-Boom Room, Sheba's, etc...

        Yoshi's is being touted as an integral part of the complex.


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          Anyone been to Sheba's yet? I am very curious and would love to support the venture...

      2. yes!! i went last saturday and it was fantastic - sho kamio is a great chef. i recommend the jewelery box tartare, "caesar" salad, be bop roll and the miso cedar salmon...although so much looked good. the above was about enough for 2 people-i probably would throw in another roll or grill course, and then it would be about $30-$35 per person for food, before tax/tip.

        1. I've been to Sheba's but only for appetizers and cocktails - no dinner yet... We shared their meatballs and chicken wings. The chicken wings had a spicy pomegranate glaze. Both were quite decent for bar food.

          Also, I'd like to add that the ambience of the entire place is really nice. The walls are painted in rich, complementary colors and the lounge area has relaxing couches and chairs around a fireplace.

          1. Yoshi's mini review:

            Overview: very good food; a definite improvement over the old menu. But I did find the prices a bit high for what you got, and the service was 'trying a little too hard' (but this may have been our particuara server).

            We had the edamame dou (outstanding - I nhave never enjoyed soybeans so much!) with garlic and soy on one side, and chili lime on the other. The garlic soy pods were delectable; good for sucking on :) ) We moved on to the house seaweed salad (I forget the name on the menu) - a lovely presentation, and quite tasty mix of seaweeds and daikon shreds, surrounded by cucumber slices and marndarin orange bits. If you like seaweed (I do), you'll appreciate this. We then had the 'jewelry box' of sashimi bits in a sqaure molded form; pretty and fun, but pricey; and the rice chips served with the dish were far too greasy for my tastes. slightly wilted radicchio was also served, for scooping purposes. A somewhat comoon tasting spicy tuna roll followed, followed next by the wonderful, wonderful, miso glased cedar planked salmon (meal highlight, in my eyes). Simple but perfectly executed. Not much on the plate, however, for the price, I felt.

            Service was .. well, I got tired of hearing "awesome" "beautiful" and "excellent" - our server was not entirely professional, but he did seem to be trying. It was also fairly busy, so I give them a bit of benefit of a doubt in the service department.

            Tab was ~75 for two; with one beer and one sake (which was overpriced - the menu price and what I was charged were $3 off - but we didn't have time to make a fuss over it, due to it being showtime).

            Verdict? I'd return if I was in the mood to 'splurge', but the menu is too pricey for a casual bite before a show, methinks.


            1. Sorry to be so late with this reply, but we just went to Yoshi's last night for a great preformance by the Tomasz Stanko Quartet. Fortunately the music was enough to ease my disappointment with the meal. Yes, beautifully presented, but definitely "not much on the plate for the price." The seaweed salad -Kaiso Salad is $9 for a small handful, about 3-4" diameter. Four oysters, yes from Japan and pretttily presented in the small shell but lacking flavor cost $13. My friend ordered from the grill menu, duck breast was three rolls of duck meat around a green onion/small leek? at a price of $22, were too big to handle easily with chop sticks. Most everything I found to be lacking in any exciting flavors, maybe a charateristic of Japanese food that I am not familure with. Later during the performance we had fried calamari from the bar menu which we enjoyed and if we eat again at Yoshi's I think it will be in the bar where they also have good Happy Hour prices.

              1. Yoshi's had EXCELLENT Santa Barbara uni last night -- very fresh, sweet and firm. Kanpachi, toro, mirugai, hamachi and amaebi were also very good. I tried hata (grouper) for the first time and found it similar to hirame, nice but not a personal favorite. The itamae-san gave us several treats including delicious tako which he had prepared himself (according to him the trick to tender octopus is to beat it with a daikon radish before cooking). We also ordered the assortment of cooked veggies -- kinpira gobo, curried daikon strips, hijiki seaweed salad, and cucumber sunomono with moromi miso sauce. This was nice to look at but a bit too sweet for me. The sushi though, was super fresh and well worth the prices -- $7-9/order of nigiri, $14 for toro. They offer two flights of sake and we enjoyed both. $15 and $16 for 3 sakes each flight. We were comped dessert of two small scoops of gelato (I think it may have been soy based) on a dish of macerated berries, delicious. Overall I was very impressed and will be back. Total $100 for two before tip.

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                  Not having been yet to the various new yoshi's, all the reviews here follow the general yoshi's pattern. Their pricing makes sense to me - the music tickets are pricy too, compared to 21 Grand and Luggage Store and Amnesia, none of which are directly comperable, but not out of control, and you're getting some glitz and a real Night Out.

                  If the music ticket itself is the splurge, eat elsewhere.

                  Twice at jack london square the sushi chef recommended the uni, and it was 100% excellent. They must have a good source on uni. Also happily, my usually-very-omniverous girlfriend won't eat uni, so I get it all for myself.

                  They also ran a bluefin special a couple of months ago -- said they had gotten a single whole fish at the tokyo fish market and had it flown in, were selling the fish those few days only. I ended up ordering a second order of the sashimi because I love bluefin and don't have a good regular bluefin hookup. It was a splurge (as I remember, $14 for a mid-grade cut for 5 rather thin slices of sashimi), but I can taste it in my mouth right now.

                  For these reasons I often eat at Yoshis when I see a show.

                2. dear cacao

                  my daughter and i went to yoshi's to see a salsa group and eat. i was very very disappointed in the new menu. i don't think kaz kajimura ever sat down to try the dishes. the blackcod portion was smaller than what they used to serve at lunch and sat in a pool of a very salty soy based sauce. almost every dish was saturated in a salty sauce. the age dofu, my favorite appetizer, was also disappointing. the top piece was ice cold and the rest of the pieces were hot. the saba shioyaki smelled very bad. rice, miso soup and salad is now priced separately. i complained to mr. kajimura but he has not responded. i've been going there for years and considered it the best in japanese cuisine for the e. bay, now i have to look for another restaurant.