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Sep 28, 2006 05:32 PM

Raleigh: Roast Grill

What a concept-- a little hole in the wall counter that does only hot dogs. beer, bottled sodas, baklava, and pound cake are the only other things available since 1940. kickass hot dog, in house made chili, no ketchup allowed (thank you! someone who understands that concept!). and, you can order the dog "burnt" or well done, if you want. two people for lunch, with drinks, 4 dogs all the way, and tip was less than $10. mmmhmmm.
i guess this could also be the beginning of another "dive" thread with respect to raleigh.

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  1. Roast Grill is great. Probably the best hot dog in Raleigh. And definitely, don't ask for the ketchup - you're liable to be thrown out head first. Worth a visit for visitors and locals alike. A dive in the truest sense...

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      A friend told me the best hot dog in NC was at Cloo's Coney Island Hot Dog in Mission Valley shopping center, although any place that gives you "burnt" as an option and doesn't allow ketchup in the joint sounds hard to beat.

    2. Where is Roast Grill? I've heard of it a few times, and been given pretty vague directions (along the lines of "It's over by the round hotel? I think? You know, just outside of downtown?"). I've tried to find it a few times, but have been frustrated by directions that generally sound like a question when being given (you know, when the voice goes up at the end of what should be a statement...).

      Anyhow, could you help a gal out with an address? Thanks!

      1. Here's their web page It should give you all the infoyou need.

        Well, all the info you need, except for the address. It's at 7 South West St. Clear yet? Well, try the corner of Hillsboro and West St in Raleigh, west of the round hotel.

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        1. it's at the corner of west and morgan st, or between morgan and h'boro.

          1. Thanks to everyone for the directions...I know where I'm getting lunch today!

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              good luck
              couldnt find it yesterday ate a hot dog at Snoopys not bad...