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Sep 28, 2006 05:12 PM

good, cheap, relaxed Italian

My folks are in town for the weekend and they want to go to a good, cheap italian restaurant (anywhere on the island) with a relaxed atmosphere (ie where they can sit around, drink wine and chat into the wee hours) ... any suggestions? Thank you - m

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  1. what classifies as cheap? i would say that LUPA is great for the atmosphere youre describing. its not exactly cheap, tho. check their website, they have their menu with prices listed. its a great place, great atmosphere, nice service, wonderful real italian (NOT italianamerican) food, etc. i would say that, with wine, youll be spending approx 50 bux a person. that would be with dessert, too. probably.

    1. How abut Frankie's Spuntino? The new Clinton Street location - an offshoot of the Brooklyn spot.

      1. Hmmm...I'd like to know this, too!

        Cheap Italian, passable, in Chelsea, would include Cola's and Intermezzo, both on 8th Avenue in the teens and twenties. Also, Arte Pasta on Greenwich St. in the Village. None of these will wow your folks, but you won't leave with an empty wallet and an aching stomach, either....

        1. Cacio e Pepe, Crispo, Otto, Lupa, Max, Piccolo Angolo, Enoteca Barbone, Le Zie (I've had better luck taking out than eating in, oddly), Basso Est, Via Emilia. I've had a good pasta dish at Piadina as well, but that was just one item once, so I'm cautious to recommend it.

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            i used to eat at piadina fairly often when i lived around the corner. very good, and from what i've heard it hasn't changed. i like assenzio as well.

          2. i would say that most of the responses to your question so far have pointed you in the direction of mediocre to bad food..with the exception of Lupa, Cacio e Pepe (although inconsistent) and Max(Crispo is way overrated)...But Max is very East Villagey, Lupa is annoyingly packed...You should go by Barbuto..inexpensive and usually very good

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              I've only had incredibly mediocre food at Barbuto. People have different tastes.

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                The only real stand out dish at Max is the lasanga (please excuse my spelling)!