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Sep 28, 2006 05:02 PM

Lonesome Dove Western Bistro -- any reviews?

Curious about this Texas transplant, now on 21st St. Anyone been?

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  1. Excellent. The stuffed beef tenderloin was flavorful and tender, the carpachio kangaroo nachos was exotic and quite tasty, and the prarie butter bread was out of this world. Service was normal and the inside is quite a cool vibe. The table next to mine got the huge Tomahawk Ribeye and the chef came out and carved it. Also saw Oliver Platt there enjoying dinner and that was cool.

    1. My boyfriend and I went to Lonesome Dove tonight and had a very good experience. We made reservations on Opentable this evening (around 7) for a table at 10, and were promptly seated when we arrived. The good service continued at our table. Our server was incredibly friendly and helpful throughout the meal.

      We ordered the prairie butter (bone marrow) w/camp bread (like a fluffy pita) and scallops with dutch oven corn sauce to start. I love bone marrow, and the prairie butter didn't disappoint. The scallops (my favorite food) were perfectly cooked, and we loved the corn sauce.

      The only downside to the appetizers was an excess of salt. Luckily, this didn't carry through to the entrees. My boyfriend ordered the pork tenderloin w/onion rings and spicy mashed potatoes. The tenderloin was cooked medium rare, as ordered. It was very tender, with a nice smoky flavor. The onion rings were great, but my boyfriend complained that the mashed potatoes were a bit spicy for his taste. I had the monkfish in posole stew with lobster bacon. Monkfish is easy to overcook, but the Lonesome Dove didn't make that mistake. My piece of fish was snow white and tender. I really liked the lobster bacon too (basically smoked lobster).

      Although our food at LD was well-portioned, and we were very full at this point, we decided to share a dessert. There was no dessert menu--our waitress read the options too us, including a spicy chocolate cake, an ice cream sandwich, a fruit plate, and a flan. We had the chocolate bread pudding, which had a taste of apple and cinnamon that made the dish surprisingly light for what it was.

      I'll definitely be back.

      1. Sounds good to me -- thanks for sharing. I'll post my own thoughts when I make it over there to check it out.