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Sep 28, 2006 04:35 PM

free "Nasty Bits" by Anthony Bourdain

I think this is legit and . . . I like Anthony. I just signed up, we'll see if/when it arrives.

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  1. It is legit (or like you, hoping it is!). I meant to post it a few days ago and forgot to do so after a friend sent an Email to me. I signed up, and it says I should get my copy within 2-4 weeks. (I also made sure to NOT check off any advertising contact info!) Looks like they'll distribute them until supplies run out.

    1. The offer isn't available in California.

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        1. re: tuttifrutti

          This is only a guess, but I know it is against the law to give away booze in California. Thus, a bar can offer half price drinks, but it can't do a "buy one -- get one free" promotion. Since the deal is sponsored by a beer company, maybe they've decided they can't safely give away anything.

          1. re: PeteEats

            Had problems with a Guinness promo like this before, some state law forbids it. I just get it all sent to my mom in Arkansas.

            1. re: PeteEats

              i dunno about that. i have been to plenty of bars in SoCal that offer buy one get one free or 2 for 1 deals.

              1. re: wilafur

                Ok, I did the research. Cal Business and Professions Code 25600 provides:

                "(1) No licensee [anyone authorized to sell liquor] shall, directly or indirectly, give any premium, gift, or free goods in connection with the sale or distribution of any alcoholic beverage..."

                So not only can't you give away free booze, you can't give away other stuff -- like Bourdain's book.

                1. re: PeteEats

                  That's only WITH purchase(retail sale or[wholesale]distribution)-they can give freebies, other than the alcohol itself--promotionally. I have designed premiums for alcohol distributors, that's the only reason I am sure about this, I've heard it discussed professionally too many times to count!

              2. re: PeteEats

                I don't see how this could be true. There are plenty of places here in LA that have two for one happy hours (Cabo Cantina, off the top of my head).

          2. whoa, this is rad. well, i hope its real too! i filled it out. we'll see. kitchen confidential was great. how do you all like his show on travel channel tho? i think its...ok.

            1. Thanks for the link. FYI: By clicking through "The Tap" link, you get information about Bourdain's partnership with MSN, including a list of recommended websites (not sure who created the list), which includes Chowhound.

              1. Thanks for the info and the link.