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Sep 28, 2006 04:34 PM

Best place to get flour tortillas in Tucson?

I'm desperate to bring some home with me... Thanks!

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  1. Anita Street Market is the place to go. I'd call--882-5280--or use Mapquest to get directions. The address is 849 N. Anita (south of Speedway, in the area northwest of downtown), but it's a hard palce to find.

    1. A traditional source of tortillas is the Grande Tortilla Factory on Grande, between St. Mary's Road and Speedway. They also have prepared items that you can take out or eat at the outside tables.

      1. Anita Street Market is my favorite place for flour tortillas. You can find Anita Street by getting yourself onto Speedway west of I-10, but traveling east. Just after you drive under the freeway (so that you are now on the east side of the freeway), you will see a street branching off to the right. Take it, it's Anita. Drive up two or three blocks to 849 N. Anita (on the right). They always bring the tortillas out warm, so buy an extra package, because you are going to want to start eating them right away.