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Sep 28, 2006 03:59 PM

British style sausages

I am planning Thanksgiving dinner and whilst I am sticking to a lot of US traditions (which is only right!), being British we can't eat turkey without chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon to go alongside. Well, we could, but we would miss them.
Last year my local gourmet grocery store stocked pretty authentic Brit style sausages, which, cut in half, did the trick. However they don;t stock them anymore. American sausages are realy not the right texture for these.
Does anyone know where I can get either chipolatas or at least British bangers that can be halved to serve the same purpose? I have found this website:
and they look pretty authentic - has anyone tried them, and are they any good?
Would appreciate any advice!

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  1. If you tell us where you are located members may be able to point to a local vendor.

    1. Suggest your local Sainsbury's. Why not just make proper pork stuffing and satisfy the craving that way? We have never had bacon wrapped sausages as part of (Christmas) dinner. On the odd occasion when we have had turkey (dry, boring when there are only four of you) we have had forced meat stuffing to give the sausagey-ness!

      1. I am located in Fort Worth, Texas. I am pretty sure there are no Sainsbury's here!

        1. The original comment has been removed