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Sep 28, 2006 03:53 PM

Dinner in FFX Tonight-Need a place with good veggies

My friend and I are heading out for a casual dinner tonight. I want to go someplace new as we always end up at Sakoontra or one of the many wonderful Indian restaurants in the area. She is in the mood for "good veggies" while I am more carnivorous. I was thinking of Nizam's as I have been meaning to try it. Do they have veggie options? Any other thoughts?

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  1. I really like Rosemary's Thyme Bistro in the Union Mill shopping center (not too far from Sakoontra). My girlfriend and I go there all the time for liesurely meals. It's mediterannean with a broad menu. They have terrific moist grilled meats (with tzaziki, beans and rice) and a wide variety of fresh salads. If you like calamari, check out their app., it's sauteed with tomatoes, cilantro, walnuts and lime and is delictable. A nice change of pace from the typical fried, fried and fried. They also do great wood fired pizzas.

    Save room for the berry ice cream tulip cup with edible shell.

    1. How about Rio Grande in Fairfax Government Center/Corner? I really like their grilled vegetable fajitas. The grilled veggies are so good. My husband has liked all the meat entrees he's ordered there. Plus, their drinks look fun, though I haven't had anything other than beer. If you're willing to drive, Aladin's in Burke has good vegetarian and meat entrees.

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        Almost tnohing at Rio Grande is vegetarian, including the beans and the rice so that's probably a bad place to take a vegetarian. Aladdins is a great idea though.

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          Really? The grilled vegetables were great and I had tortillas with it. The rice and beans aren't vegetarian? I don't eat it anyway, but I'm curious. I just thought the beans would be vegetarian if they weren't refried. Never assume, I guess.

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            There are non-meat-eaters and there are vegetarians (and then there are vegans). It depends on how zealous they are about what they eat. If they're just the kind that won't order a steak, they'll be fine. If they don't want to put anything that was even frieds with an animal in their mouth, better to go elsewhere. It's likely, for example, that the vegetables are grilled on the same grill as the meat.

            (Elevation Burger makes a point that they have a separate grill for their vegieburgers).

      2. Thanks for all of the responses. My friend is not vegetarian, she is just in the mood for veggies tonight. I work across from the Rio in Ballston so I get my fair share of Rio. I'm a fan of the soft chicken taco lunch with the fresh fruit! Learned my lesson about the sweet cream

        We are heading to Rosemary's Thyme. The menu looked appealing to both of us. I'll let you all know tomorrow! Thanks for the suggestions!

        1. If you can get there before 7 they've got decent happy hour prices on wine and beer.

          1. Thanks, MikeR. Sorry, I can't reply to yours above. I had gone to Rio Grande with a friend who's vegan and she was okay with the veggies so I was wondering how they prepare the food.