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Sep 28, 2006 03:24 PM

Teddie Peanut Butter

A friend gave me a jar of Teddie, and it's quite good. I'm accustomed to Trader Joe's unsalted, and this does have salt. I've never heard of Teddie. Is it a popular brand, that I've just missed?

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  1. It's been a longtime favorite in the Boston area. Made just 4 miles from me, in Everett MA.

    1. My husband who is addicted to peanut butter will only buy Teddies Old Fashioned, not homogenized, no sugar added. They make a salted and unsalted version. You can tell it by the layer of oil on top which has to be stirred in. It's widely available in my local (Boston) markets.

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      1. re: cheryl_h

        I have been using Teddie for many years. Here is a trick that the owner suggested regarding the oil on top, which really works. Since the peanut oil floats to the top when the jar is sitting on the shelf, simply store the jar upside down and the oil will be on the bottom (which will be the new top) the next time you use it. The other trick, is to pour the peanut oil off through a strainer, and use it the next time you need to saute, or fry something in a healthy, high smoke point, monounsaturated cooking oil.

        1. re: Louis

          I'm sure DH just stirs the oil back into the peanut butter. It's no big deal, just a sign that the butter hasn't been homogenized which is a good thing IMO.

          1. re: cheryl_h

            And it's much easier to do when you m-wave it for 30 seconds on high (without the cap).

          2. re: Louis

            That's what I always do with natural peanut butter! (The only kind I buy). But I wish I could get even more oil separated from the rest, since I really like peanut butter when it is almost all solids and very little fat. (Does anyone make peanut butter that has been defatted but without any additives???)

            1. re: Morticia

              I always put a paper towel wadded up in my PB jar, turn it upside down and let absorb. I change the towel as it soaks up the oil. What I'm left with after a few days is chewier, drier and lovely, IMO.

          3. re: cheryl_h

            The Teddies web site provides info on stores that sell the PB - the Natural and the Homogenized varieties.

            I love the Natural variety, with the separated peanut oil. I have no intention of trying the Homogenized variety -- it contains hydrogenated vegetable oil.

            The company also markets River Queen nuts. Has anyone tried these?

            1. re: val ann c

              I've tried River Queen nuts...they are the brand always on sale at my local grocery store. They are alright..not as good as Planters nuts IMO.

          4. For years I've been reading recommendations for Teddies. I finally tried it. It's REALLY good. Fresh, clean peanut taste. The salted variety is a bit saltier than other brands.

            I don't know how Teddie's makes natural PB in a jar taste so much better than any other brand. But it's delicious.

            1. I have to say that I'm shocked to learn this. Teddies peanut butter in NY can usually be had for .99c (18oz size?). I've always steered away from it because of its low pricetag.
              I'll remember to give it a try now.

              (I'm trying the remember who stocks it. It's one of those CVS/Eckerd type of stores).

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              1. re: Cheese Boy

                Wow, in a drugstore? Please post again if you remember where you found it for 99 cents. Reading along here, I realize that my friend must have brought it back from a visit to Boston. I haven't seen in where I am in NY, but I'll know to look for it now. I'd like to find an un-salted version.

                1. re: Pat Hammond

                  Pat, I'm almost positive it's Eckerd's stores (soon to be Rite Aid) that carries Teddies
                  "on sale" always for .99 cents. It seems to be a 'seasonal' item for them because they don't have it all year round. The Teddies PB Eckerd's stocks is the salted smooth pb with the red lid (18oz). See the link provided to view their product line.

                  Teddies Link:

                  Have fun with your search.

                  1. re: Cheese Boy

                    If there's an Eckerd's out here in Westchester, I'll find it. Thanks SO much!

                      1. re: Cheese Boy

                        Aren't you nice! Mt. Vernon, under two miles from me. Thanks!

                        1. re: Pat Hammond

                          Pat, picked up a jar last night at Eckerd's. Plenty of them there. The homogenized, smooth and salted, 18oz jar, was $1.49. (as I mentioned in a previous reply, it's the one with the red lid). I haven't tasted it yet. I'll be sure to let you know.

                          If you don't find anything in Mt. Vernon, I found them at:

                          Eckerd's (this store is open 24)
                          3590 East Tremont Avenue
                          Bronx, NY 10465
                          (718) 792-9258

                          If you live or work in southern Westchester, this isn't far for you at all. I find myself in Mt. Vernon, Bronxville, New Rochelle, and Pelham all the time. It's about a 5 to 10 minute drive from any of these locations. Enjoy your new PB find.

                          1. re: Cheese Boy

                            The one I have is smooth, salted, but the Old Fashioned label, i.e. unhomogenized. I found the same jar at my little C-Town, for 2.30 something. It's a great little local market, nice produce, and an amaing beer selection, but expensive, always. I'll have to head to the Bronx. Thanks for taking an interest in this thread. I hope you like Teddie!

                            1. re: Pat Hammond

                              Pat, quick report on the Teddies homogenized I purchased. Tastes good, and tastes very much like the well-known Skippy brand. If I'm buying "homogenized",
                              I prefer Jif. Teddies is good though, especially if you like Skippy. Jif has a more roasted peanutty taste to me. (I'm one of those guys who prefers those darker roasted peanuts in the bag).

                              Last note, another poster stated Stop and Shop carries the Teddies Natural Peanut Butter also (the Old Fashioned label, as you stated). No need for you to head to the Bronx, they only have the homogenized. I know there's a Stop and Shop in New Rochelle opposite the firehouse.

                              Store locator:

                              Just an option to the C-Town if they're ever out-of-stock.

                              1. re: Cheese Boy

                                I purely hate big supermarkets, so I'll go through N.R. to the smaller S & S further down the road. I pass it every time I go to Trader Joe's. I'll pick up a couple of jars, so I'll have a spare. I think I've found my favorite peanut butter. And I'll say thank you, again!

                              2. re: Pat Hammond

                                I doubt you'll find the natural Teddies for 99 cents anywhere; $2.30something is probably a good price, compared toi.e., Whole Foods, considering TJ's store brand natural is $1.99 and you're more for getting all peanuts, no sugar, hydrogenated oil, etc. I had Teddies when I lived In NY, and thought it was very good. Too bad it's not available on the west coast.

                  2. re: Cheese Boy

                    I have no idea what it costs locally, but it's always hard to find on the grocery store shelves. It tends to be on the lower shelves, with the popular brands (Jif, Skippy) at eye level. I think the company spends very little on advertising and probably nothing for shelf space.

                    1. re: Cheese Boy

                      I bought Teddie PB at Whole Foods in NJ.

                    2. Teddy is pretty darn good. It's a staple of many here in the Boston area.

                      For the low, low price of just $99.99, my fellow Boston 'hounds and I will ship a jar of Teddy anywhere in the country. :)