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Sep 28, 2006 02:56 PM

Good ideas for "not-expensive" Prix Fixe menus

I'm looking for good ideas for "not-expensive" prix fixe dining options, Omakase options excluded.

We're a group of 8 that are really disappointed that Telepan is only big enough for groups of 7. Something in that price range (their 4 course is $59, $69 w/ a cheese course) would be great!

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Knife & Fork in the east village has a 6-course, $45 pf.

    Le Tableau in the east village has prix-fixes up to 7 courses, starting at, I believe, $45 or less. The 7-course is I think $55 or something. They also have wine pairings.

    I did not enjoy my meal at Knife & Fork much, but others like it. It's a little nicer inside than Le Tableau, though I prefer Le Tableau's food.

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      I've enjoyed Tableau, but I think 7 people might be a tight fit. Call in advance and see if they will accomodate you.

    2. I've read some good reviews of Chanto, which I believe has a $45 prix fixe menu.

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        You may have read mine on eGullet. Based on my experience, Chanto is a great restaurant that serves delicious, eye-opening food. I really look forward to the next time I dine there.

        1. AOC Bedford. Small space but I think they could accomodate by combining tables.

          1. How about English is Italian. I think it comes out to be about $40 with tax and tip and exluding drinks of course.


            They give you all you want to eat with dishes coming out all night. I had a positive experience there.