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Sep 28, 2006 02:19 PM

Boston College Parents Weekend

Have reservations at Eastern Standard Sat night but just realized there is a Sox game - am I making a mistake, is it going to be pretty wild? Going with BC son and his girlfriend and some members of her family who we don't know, ES seems like a great choice because it seems to have a really broad menu, some of the group are rather fussy eaters, but I don't want to dine at the zoo either! If not there, any good suggestions for that sort of group in Brookline/Newton?

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  1. Well, it won't be as wild as if the Sox were still in the playoff hunt. But there will still be tons of people in Kenmore Square that night (including me). That doesn't mean ES won't still be a nice experience. Most of the Sox fans congregate at the bars around Fenway.

    1. Well, you might be all exhausted from the big Maine game :).

      I think ES is fine even with the Sox home (as long as you have a reservation). It's bustling, but not really a zoo (though the bar before a game can get a bit cramped). The hassle would be parking--I'd take the T.

      1. If you want to avoid going into Boston there are a few choices:
        The Metropolitan Club on Route 9-a Modern steakhouse with some nice comfort food choices as well as some nice seafood. A little pricey but nice room, relatively quiet and great service.
        Bernard's:upscale, yummy but not authentic chinese food in the Chestnut Hill MAll.
        Kouzina- a small restaurant in Newton/Waban- on Beacon street. Owners are Greek and French- a nice twist. Very cozy but if you call ahead for a reservation they will put together a big table for you. Their dessert tray- which has all of their desserts on a huge platter for $28 is really great and fun.
        Aquitaine Bis- Across from the Met Club- has a cousin restuarant in the south end. Nice.