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Sep 28, 2006 01:07 PM

bistro type dining near the Four Seasons Centre

A group of friends are attending Siegfried tomorrow afternoon and would like to dine somewhere within walking distance of the Four Seasons Centre. Casual, good and mid priced. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. LE PARADIS! It's an AMAZING bistro about a 10 minute walk from the Four Seasons. It's located on Bedford. Specifically Davenport+Bedford (1 block west of Avenue Rd., just north of Davenport). Stupidly reasonable prices, wonderful food, great atmosphere. If you are disappointed you'd be one of very few. SOOOOOO GOOD.

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    1. re: magic

      That's close to the Four Season's hotel -- not the Opera House.

    2. I may be sounding a bit like a broken record (check my posts!), but you may enjoy Midi Bistro's southern French cuisine. Take a walk north on McCaul past Dundas. Here's a look at the place:

      If it's not for you, continue to Baldwin street.

      Others? I also enjoy "Little India" and "The Queen Mother" on Queen street, but would go for my first suggestions before those.

      Enjoy the food and the opera!

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      1. re: oishi

        i'd also put in a vote for baldwin and just going there and checking the scene out to see what you're interested in.

        if you're looking for a sushi bistro... walk on up to elizabeth street just north of city hall and go to japango!

      2. Le Paradis is great, but it's too long of a walk from the Four Seasons Centre. I think that magic got it mixed up with the Four Seasons Hotel. I don't have any ideas for casual and mid-priced in that area, so can anyone help with some ideas?

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          Yup, I didn't read 'Centre', my mistake. Hmm, bistros around Four Seasons Centre. Has Le Select been mentioned yet? Haven't read far enough yet. I've actually never been but it's obviously a well known bistro. And it's close to the FSC...

          1. re: magic

            I agree -- I do like Le Select, but I wasn't sure if it would be within their price point. I always seem to spend more than I think I will -- probably on wine...

        2. For italian, there's Marinela's (otherwise known as the Wedge) on Widmer Street, just beside the Holiday Inn on King or Tutti Matti on Adelaide, just east of Spadina. Both are open for lunch.

          1. Have not heard anything yet about "Amedeus" it is a Vienese new restuarant that opened just sounth of the Opera house in between university & bay. On Richmond (I think). Walked by and saw all the femail staff dressed in "traditional German" dresses... looked like Octoberfest in Kitchener!.. Might be a good option and a fun place..

            Has anyone been?

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            1. re: OnDaGo

              Re: Amadeus at Richmond and York

              A colleague of mine -- who is normally quite a critical foodie -- raved about the place. I have seen a few articles written up about it, and apparently the chef is very well known. My colleague says that the portions are generous and there are lots of imported German and Austrian beers.