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Takeout rotisserie chicken in Westchester?

I usually pick up rotisserie chicken from Misti Cafe in Port Chester or Poultry Time in New Rochelle.
Any other places I should try?

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  1. Costco! You'd be surprised how good it is!

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    1. re: Dim Sum Diva

      I'll second that. They make some of the best rotisserie chicken, and it's only $5.

      I don't know if they are still in business but there is a Chinese/Peruvian restaurant on Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers near the thruway. They have a sign in the window advertising Peruvian roast chicken that they turn on when they have the chicken available. I tried it once a few years ago and it was great.

      1. re: JMF

        Note: The place is now closed.

        1. re: JMF

          I just noticed the comment about Poultry Time being Closed,FAR FROM THE THRUTH! We are Open from 9;00am to 7:00pm,sundays till 5:30pm.
          Seven days a week,only close for Easter sunday,Passover,Yom Kippur and Christmas.
          We're here since 1962 and not planning on living Westchester,many tried to use our name and reputation thru the years and failed.
          Please update your information and give us another chance to serve you,thank you.

          1. re: Poultry Time

            Poultry Time, don't know why your feathers got ruffled here. If you re-read JMFs post from February of 2007 you'l realive that JMF was not referencing your store. He was stating that the Chinese/Peruvian place he spoke of - on Tuckahoe Road - was closed.

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              Hey,thanx for the reply,I see what you mean,now i can sleep better.
              Business is great,we're still here.Have a great weekend!

      2. From various recommendations on the boards have been interested in giving Poultry Time a try. Anybody know Poultry Time's hours? Every time we've been over that way they've been closed. Do they close early on weekend evenings? Weekdays?

        Went to Ruffled Feathers in Scarsdale - recommended on the boards - can't recall the name - and chicken was good, sides not so much, and pricey for what it was.

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          It's in Scarsdale near the train station! If you like Ruffled Feathers you have to try Church Avenue. It's new this year and very good - I've been eating there for lunch and bring dinner home for the family. Chicken, Turkey, Meat, Fish and plenty of sides and all of it is very good. One of the chef's told me he train at the Culinary Institute. Great sides too and my kids love it!

        2. Comfort in Hastings. Organic, beautifully seasoned, and delicious.

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            I definitely agree. They really do a great job with it and the offering of sides is beyond what's available in most shops.

          2. Is Poultry Time kosher? If so it would be closed early on Friday and all day Saturday. I agree that Costco does chicken well and we've been happy enough with Boston Market when we're in a hurry.

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              I'd thought of the kosher thing but didn't think they were since no one mentioned it in any of the postings on it. Some of the side dishes they reportedly offer were mentioned in posts and were distinctly Jewish style - kasha, egg barley, etc. so it's possible. It is in Wykagyl so...

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                Definitely NOT kosher...but very yummy! The skinless fried is awesome!

                1. re: MRS

                  MRS, do you happen to know their hours? They were closed by about 6:00 last Saturday night.

                  1. re: laylag

                    Not sure to be honest. I typically go in the later afternoon.

            2. Mint in Tarrytown. Check out the chicken, rosemary ham, excllent cheeses, etc. Then thank me.

              1. Janet: What and where is Misti Cafe, what type of food, why there chicken?

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                1. re: nbermas

                  i'll reply for Janet- it's a peruvian place on Main Street in Port Chester, sometimes referred to as Misti Pollo a la Brasa. Their chicken is really good comes with sides. I've never gotten it for takeout but eat in you get 2 out of 3 sides (salad, ff or rice). 1/2 chicken eat in is about $6- so it's very reasonable too!

                  1. re: debmom

                    Thanks, not sure if I have had good peruvian food yet.

                2. Sammy's Kosher in Bedford Hills!!!!

                  1. Mex-to-Go in Croton. Mexican version. Very good. But call ahead because they are sloooow.

                    1. Oporto, the Portugese Restaurant on East Hartsdale Avenue in Hartsdale. Delicious rotisserie food, roasted potatos, green beans. But strangely, my DH did not like the spinach. But the rest was wonderful.

                      1. Does Church Street Poultry Market have seating? Or is it just strictly take-out?

                        1. I love the rotisserie chicken at MINT in Tarrytown. I find it to be the best in the county, in my opinion.

                          1. We just had dinner from Church Street Market in Scarsdale. The chicken was excellent. Slightly smokey with herbs rubbed under the skin. My husband loved the smashed potatoes. The haricot verts were nice too. Prices were similar to O'Porto. I liked it better than Ruffled Feathers in Scarsdale.

                            1. I liked "Ruffled Feathers"... you should try there!

                              1. Gail Patrick's Cafe in Chappaqua, NY have Rotisserie chickens daily.

                                1. I know it's not Westchester but what about just over the border at Will Morton's Rotisserie on Railroad Ave in Greenwich....?......can anybody comment on the chicken and the rest of the grub...?

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                                    Heard through the grapevine that Poultry Time is about to close due to rent issues. Total shame.

                                    1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                                      No, that can't be true...C'mon! Please somebody say it's just rumor. That place is amazing.
                                      For the record, I took out a chicken at Misti when we 1st moved to this side of the county 5 years ago. They charged me $20 for the chicken a 2 paltry sides!!!! I fel like a sucker- a disappointed one at that-!
                                      I'll stick to Poultry Time, or Ruffled Feathers if I'm near my mother's.

                                      1. re: MRS

                                        Certainly, I hate to see a small business go out of business, but the one time I tried Poultry Time a few months ago, I was unimpressed. I got 3 roast chicken breast pieces, and 2 packs of the mini potato latkes. It was $27. When the guy told me the price, I was surprised that it was so high. The latkes were $6.50 for each package (maybe 10-12 mini latkes in each package). Admittedly, the latkes were very good, but the chicken was dried out and practically inedible. We threw 1 piece away untouched. Maybe just a bad night, who knows.

                                        I don't mind paying a lot for chicken (or any food) when it's good, but I still believe that Costco has the best chicken around, and it's only $4.99.

                                        Oh, and earlier in this thread a few people mentioned Church Avenue Poultry in Scarsdale...it closed earlier this year.

                                        1. re: valerie

                                          I too found Poultry Time overpriced and had similar experience with the food. Chicken dry and sides tasty but ridiculously priced. Sides were by the pound and a small container of kasha varnishkas weighs a lot more than its worth.

                                          1. re: laylag

                                            Poultry Time is blocks from my home, and I'll miss knowing it's there, but they have so completely priced me out of using the place that I won't feel bad for the loss of the place (except for the occasional un-met latka fix). Shouldn't need to take out a HELOC to buy a barbecued chicken.

                                  2. I agree that Oporto is great, although II've not gotten take-out. I always eaten there, and it's not inexpensive. Has anyone tried the chicken at Ribs on the Run? I've heard good things.

                                    1. Sad to say Poultry Time does not compare with the way it used to be. Their fried chicken and cucumber salad used to be the best. About a month ago I bought both; chicken was bone dry and the cuke salad was sour. Ruffled Feathers and Supersol in Scarsdale(for a kosher chicken) are excellent.

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                                        I think a lot of the reason PT stayed around is due to nostalgia. If you grew up in/around NR in the 60's or later, this place was a part of your culinary life, its was served at your house parties or on holidays or made it's way into your lunch bag. Ownership changed over the years and it wasn't what is once was. But those unique recipes will always have a special place with its loyal following: the cucumber salad, mushroom & barley, chopped liver and of course the fried chicken. And it is a shame it all boils down to the whims of a landlord.

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                                          We had great take out chicken from this place called MINT in Tarrytown while we were housesitting in Westchester. It was perfectly moist and seasoned beautifully .The owner there is really nice!