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Any news about the opening?

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  1. October 16th. Straight out of Nancy's mouth, asked her at Meals on Wheels 2 weekends ago.

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      Did the opening happen last night? How was it?

    2. Drive by and you'll know it will not be opening anytime soon.

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        I have been part of many restaurant openings and the exterior can be refaced in a couple days... seen it happen many a time.

        How am I not to believe what Nancy truly hopes will be her opening day? Here's to wishful thinking!

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            Southwest Corner of Melrose and Highland

      2. Mid november I think

        1. I drove by yesterday and the exterior lights were on and it's looking good. If there wasn't paper covering the windows, I might have thought they were open.

          1. There was an ad that appeared in Wed's LA Times food section, 10/18. Mozza is hosting a charity event in honor of Museum Tamal, and will "preview dishes from their new menu..." I called the number immediately, paid the money, got an invite, and am looking forward to it on Nov 5. Hope I have an epiphany like experience, so I can say "now LA has world class pizza" So evidently, the pizzeria will open after Nov 5.

            1. The pizzeria looked pretty open when I drove by tonight: Valet kiosk out front, lights on and people inside, the whole bit. (I would have stopped for a closer look, but Studio 60 was starting in 7 minutes...)

              The restaurant is clearly not open. I'd say they decided to open the one before the other. (The two are part of the same building. The (in-progress) restaurant is the part on the corner of Melrose, and the (now-open???) pizzeria is the part entirely on Highland.

              1. Went by last night - it will open to the public on 11/6

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                  Do you know of a phone # for the restaurant. Tried 411, but they had no listing.

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                    I can do one better...


                    If you click into the press kit, there's actually a menu! And they must've just added those links, because this morning they weren't there. Every... second... counting... down...

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                        I'm in heaven already. Great menu. Were you able to score tickets?

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                          I didn't call, only because I'm traveling right now. Deciding what to eat in Las Vegas. Talk about spinning in my office (hotel) chair!!

                          But I'm already calling for a reservation!

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                          *Spins in chair in office*

                      2. They have the Lardo pizza just like Otto in NYC. Can't wait to try it!

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                          I'm very excited to hear this as I will be moving to LA in a few months and am a fan of the lardo topping at Otto. Just keep in mind that it's not exactly what we'd call "new york style" pizza.

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                            How great for both of us. You'll be having the top quality and taste of pizza you are used to, and I'll have my place to go to, because it will be a winner. See post of Jennalynne below.

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                              I'll see you there come January! Also, someone mentioned the olive oil gelato, which is a must try if they have it.

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                            And that is EXACTLY why I almost gave myself office motion sickness a few hours ago... heck... I'm so excited, I'll do it again...


                          3. The menu does look alot like the Otto menu !
                            It also has the clam pizza and the egg pizza, just like Otto.
                            With Nancy's spin in there too, with the chicken liver brushcetta she's been doing at La Terza for a while now.

                            Can't wait !

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                            1. re: alison

                              if they have the Olive Oil gelato,

                              it's on.

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                                guess i'm not the only one crazy after that gelato... (recipe is in the babbo cookbook)//

                                hopefully it isn't 1/10th as loud as otto at night, which i couldn't enter, except during lunch

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                                  Just went tonight, they do not have olive oil gelato yet, but according to our waiter, the current dessert menu will be replaced in about 5 months with all gelato and biscotti, including the olive oil gelato. Can't wait!

                              2. I ate there Monday night.

                                And the pizza was.... amazing.

                                The crust has a crunch, but then the inside is light, but slightly moist and airy. I expected nothing less than fabulous and I was not let down.

                                I had various versions, and they were all good. And I adored the tomato "sauce"... I use quotes because it's much more like a puree of very fresh new tomatoes.

                                I loved the feel of the place, but the tables were not in, it was a standing book party... so I can't speak to any of that.

                                You'll all want to make you're own opinons... so when it opens. Go.

                                1. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU. At long last, World Class Pizza in LA!!!!

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                                    for some of us that is casa bianca

                                  2. Note phone number above was a personal phone not related to the restaurant. Restaurant phone is 323-297-0101 and the message said they are not yet taking reservations.

                                    1. Drove by last night IT'S OPEN! i'm going on Thursday night. The reservation book is packed.

                                      1. I'm going Sunday! It took me an hour on Monday morning to secure a reservation. I hope it's worth it.

                                        1. A different take on the restaurant--- I love Otto and Babbo in NYC and so was
                                          eager to go to Mozza.

                                          Quickly, my verdict-- the pizza is well made, but somehow too precious. The margherita a bit sweet, the crust too doughy, it feels too thought out and lacks a certain soul that I want from a pizza. It is beautiful bread, for sure, but somehow i feel like the toppings are just that, not really merging with the pizza.

                                          Which brings me to really make a vote for Antica, which, in my opinion, is a better pizza.

                                          I was hoping to say otherwise but that's my feeling.

                                          BTW, the stuffed zucchini appetizer is delicious, as is much on their menu.

                                          With all the hype and publicity, I just don't think it lives up to the original places in Manhattan yet. But with lines out the door it probably won't change.

                                          1. Mozza and Mario - The first time I've been to Mozza and seen Mario Batali was last night. Once again we had great service while enjoying squash blossoms, chopped salad, lots of pizzas and the winner (on Tuesday only) is the crispy duck with lentils. This duck is fried in duck fat and is worth the fight to get in the restaurant. We pulled a few corks - Melville 02 Carrie's Pinot, Montelena 97 Merlot and had David pull one of the 50 under 50 list. Great time and will go back for the Sunday special of lasagna

                                            1. Finally got in to Mozza. A walk in (30 minute wait at lunchtime) rather than reservations (impossible at a reasonable hour less than 3 weeks out). The pizza is everything I remember about Otto, and better since it's here in LA. Loved my goat cheese/leek and carmelized garlic choice. Squash blossoms are also very good, lightly fried. Butterscotch pudding was creamy and very good. Prices are certainly reasonable, not cheap ($60 for two for lunch, including beers).

                                              Service started out as very good, personable and efficient, but then quickly deteriorated. 45 minutes between finishing our appetizer and receiving our pizza??? Several of the pizzas around us had decidedly burnt edges, as in way burnt. Consistency is just not there yet. Hoping they don't feel they don't have to make corrections just 'cause it's popular. I'll definitely give them another try since our food was so good. Take out will be a wonderful option to avoid the hassle (not available yet for some reason).

                                              1. Recent report:
                                                Went here day before yesterday, and while I've been a wholehearted proponent of Mozza, I did have a less than great experience here. Nancy's chopped salad was really disappointing. Dressing was good quality vinegar, good dried oregano, but c'mon, way too vinegar-ey. Salad was either thinly sliced iceburg or romaine, I couldn't tell. Some strips of salame and domestic provolone. Canned chickpeas. 16 bucks?!

                                                Cauliflower gratin was bland and cauliflower was mushy. Squash blossoms were heavy, not like I've had before. Bacon and leek pizza was very good. Crust was better than last time I went. Crispy and very soft, but bland.

                                                1 sparkling, 1 espresso, and 1 coffee. After tax and tip we cleared 60 bucks. Not worth it. Will order differently next time.

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                                                  I have a feeling that Nancy outsources her dough made to her specs, so sometimes the consistency that you would have if it were made in house is not there. . Did you complain? Believe me, a good restaurant wants feedback, and something like the cauliflower prep is easily checked. Tell it to your server, or even better go over to Nancy and talk to her directly. I have seen them throw out pies and put pies back in the oven if they thought they were not right, so why not with veggies.

                                                2. or one can save the time + go somewhere that makes better food with less hype. even jonathan gold said the pizza here is better than Otto. that's a joke

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                                                    1. re: pizzafreak

                                                      Considering his wife wrote a cookbook with the owner/chef, in this case his opinion is ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS...I'm amazed the LA Weekly even let him review it.

                                                      Would you trust a movie review by the husband of the producer?

                                                      IMO, the fact that he would even review it undermines his credibility for ALL his reviews. Most journalists would abstain.

                                                      Remember the Amanda Hesser/Vongerichten (sp?) fiasco from the NYT.

                                                      Doesn't matter much to me...I enjoy reading JGs columns for entertainment purposes only, not for actual advice.


                                                      1. re: manku

                                                        Well said!
                                                        We weren't impressed and we wanted Mozza to be great, it's not.
                                                        I so wish I had gone to Lucques, La Cachette, Spago, or almost anywhere else for lunch that faithful day last week.

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                                                          Jonathan Gold's review specifically disclosed the fact that his wife co-wrote a cookbook with Nancy Silverton, and that they are friends: "You can ignore my blissed-out ravings — my wife co-wrote a baking book with Silverton, and Nancy has been a close family friend for many years — but you would be missing out on the best pizza ever to be baked in Los Angeles." While this might cause you to take his review with a grain of salt (preferrably maldon), it does not create the sort of problem Hesser had, where Jean Georges' gushing blurb for her book was not revealed upfront.

                                                      2. re: epop

                                                        Well I agree the pizza is better at Mozza than Otto. Otto's pizza crust was somewhat tasty, but I hated the texture (isn't it grilled?). Too much sauce, too.

                                                        I'd rather have Otto nearby, though, since I've enjoyed the pasta, salads (Batali really knows how to do a salad imo) and the awesome olive oil gelato more than Nancy's stuff.

                                                      3. even so i'd say he shouldn't have reviewed it. it is one of the worst pizzas (or, shall i say, it doesn't count as pizza but is hyped as such) i've ever had but if my friend made it i would forgive the flaws, especially if it were in print.

                                                        i've never found j gold to be all that helpful with my food as art education, actually. yes, to go to La Cachette instead + also not to have to read all the raves about how this is the best thing that ever happened to our bellies would be great.

                                                        or get batali out here and out of nyc, at least during the winters. he'd bring life into it, perhaps.

                                                        makes you wonder

                                                        1. I did not like Mozza, here's why:

                                                          1. atrocious ambience; just another weird retail space that's been plastered over, painted and not conducive to talking, relaxing. Prepared to be shoved, bumped and squashed

                                                          2. The food was not good. The pizza lacked the bold flavors I assoicate with italian food: salt, olive oil, lemon, garlic, etc. Instead I was served bland, cold over-hyped crisp dough with some afterthought toppings slapped on and it didn't come together in my mouth

                                                          3. I waited 40 minutes for the pizza. After waiting an hour to be seated, and even though I greatly enjoyed the fizzy red wine, it took the waitress fifteen minutes to acknowledge us at the bar. We had to ask repeatedly for more water, napkins and the desert menu.

                                                          4. Butterscotch pudding salted: NO! Maybe they overdid ours but now I never want to eat butterscotch pudding again.

                                                          I slightly liked the heated olives but because our food took so long, I pigged out. My boyfriend was fine eating up all the chicken liver and he's fine with taking home most of an entree to eat for lunch tomorrow. Cold pizza is no big deal to him.

                                                          But I say get the timing down so I'm hungry for my entree.

                                                          Finally, I hate the kiss-assing toward celebrities. Al Roker was hooting it up loudly behind us all evening and Nancy stopped making pizzas for awhile to schooze. Why didn't she stop making pizza to schooze with me? My money is as good as Roker's and I haven't bloated up since a gastric by-pass, which only the deeply distrubed get.

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                                                            As regards your point #1: not sure what you mean by "weird retail space", but I'm fairly certain that the space was also a pizzeria/restaurant for many years prior to its present incarnation.

                                                          2. true but a cramped quality to it all. lousy bathrooms, no elegance to the place. it feels like the big squeeze

                                                            1. we finally got in at Mozza after maybe a 15 minute wait, but how often will we want to eat b/w 3:30-4 PM ? It is a tight squeeze and we sat at the pizza bar for another 15-20 minutes before the waitress bothered to give us menus.

                                                              we got the chicken liver crostini, butterscotch pudding, the squash blossom pizza and the fennel sausage. the food was good and i'd like to go back to try other dishes but i have to think thrice about the long waits, the sardine ambience, rushed service, and hassle of eating at "off" times. also, i know a little charring of the crust is part of the charm, but many pizzas had too much for my tastes.

                                                              1. also, for some reason it seems way too expensive for what it is.

                                                                40 per - for a very simple pizzeria meal is way too much.