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Sep 28, 2006 08:41 AM

Argentinian Steak House in SD

Does anyone know of an Argentinian steak house in San Diego? I know there was one years ago in UTC, but I'm sure it closed.

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  1. There are 3

    Pampas Grill on Aero Drive right off the 163 by Montgomery Field. Uses naturally raised beef, not feed-lot fed. Meat is also best is ordered rare or medium here.

    Puerto La Boca at India and Hawthorn on the northern edge of Little Italy. Upscale and pricey.

    Tango Grill in Chula Vista on Broadway. Fun and funky, good beef including some innards.

    1. I was excited to try this place. I enjoyed the staff, the appetizers, the physical layout - everything - but I was disappointed with the flavor of the beef. I expected more. My waiter was Brazilian and we talked about the 'rivality' between Brazil and Argentina in futbal. Good time, but I spent 50 big ones and took my steak home. I had asked for the most typical Argentine cut of meat. I got the #3, I believe, medium.

      1. I should have specified. I ate at the Pampas Grill on Aero Drive. Sorry.