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Looking for a restaurant with a great dessert menu.

If anyone can help me find a great restaurant with a fantastic dessert menu. I am looking for someplace that is seasonal and fun. Thanks.

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  1. It depends on what kind of food, your price range, and whereabouts.

    I take pictures of desserts, and categorize them into different LA areas, so I know of many good sweets around LA. But I can't help you without further details other than seasonal and fun. Most places are fun, but what do you mean by seasonal? Many places will offer desserts with seasonal ingredients.

    For example, fancier restaurants, or more casual cafes?

    If you want fancy, my list highlights Spago, Saddle Peak Lodge, Providence, Hotel Bel Air, LaCachette, Whist at Viceroy, Jiraffe, Matsuhisa/Nobu, Water Grill (well, I don't know now that Koa Duncan's left), Parkway Grill, blue on blue, Boe at the Crescent, Sona, L'Orangerie, Mimosa, Grace, Jaan, Gardens at Four Seasons, Peninsula...the list goes on.

    If you want something a bit more casual, then it has to be somewhere like Mako, Frida, ICugini, Grand Lux Cafe, Marmalade Cafe, Angelini Osteria, Pan e Vino, Palomino Grill...

    Some of these places will have "seasonal" ingredients. For example, strawberry rhubarbs at LaCachette are seasonal.

    1. O Bar has good desserts and they actually have a late night Dessert Only menu that looks amazing


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        I was going to recommend OBar also. Fabulous desserts.

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          3rd on the O-Bar in WeHo (and I know I sound like a broken record for repeating this often). I particularly like their seasonal trifles & cheesecakes.

          In Pasadena area I particularly love the desserts at either 561 Restaurant (very creative, it is a cooking school restaurant afterall) or Red White Bluezz.

          I'd imagine Sona to have a decent dessert menu too, considering it shot off into its own bakery (Boule).

          I've blogged about the first 3 (and their desserts, some with pictures) in fairly good detail if you wanna check it out.


        2. Do a search for Providence. There are some posts that discuss its dessert tasting menu, which sounds killer.

          1. LA Weekly did a review of Simon LA's Junk Food Sampler dessert:

            Can't get more fun than that! It's been on my list but I haven't been yet.

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              Twenty five bucks for half-a-milkshake and some hostess cupcakes? Thanks but I'll pass.

            2. I was impressed by the dessert menu at Literati II; a lot more creative than the dessert menus at most restaurants of similar price ranges. Love the churros.

              1. You might want to try WATER GRILL in downtown.

                I know the executive chef, Duncan Koa, is leaving soon, but she does a mean dessert tasting menu.

                1. Sherry Yard at Spago may very well be the best pastry chef in America.

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                    Do you know if Spago will seat someone only for dessert?

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                      I've done it before, but they are really anal about this unfortunately.

                      You can, however, get the panoply of desserts even if you sit at the bar.

                  2. Spago has the best desserts .....(it's all about the Kaiserschmarren).

                    Lucques and L'Orangerie are great. Ortolan's desserts are great as well (I love the marshmallows at the end on the petit fors plate).

                    Madeo has a fantastic white choc Tiramisu.

                    Doug Arango's has a superb sticky toffee pudding, but call to make sure they have it that night, because sometimes they don't.

                    Sona didn't impress me with their dessert choices.

                    And for middle of the road, The dutch apple cheesecake or Choc Mousse Cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory are pretty good bang for the buck desserts.

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                      I agree, Madeo's white choc Tiramisu is outrageous. If you're interested in Carrot cake, try Greenblatt's.

                    2. You didn't single out LA, so if South Orange County is an option, then go with Stonehill Tavern inside Dana Point's St. Regis. Michael Mina knows what he's doing. I've been there, done that with enough places to know what an original and fun menu should be.

                      We're not talking creme brulee this or souffle and tarte that. An old-fashioned root beer float that my pal from Kansas swears by. Pudding you duel over with spoons. Rich cake one can go crazy over. I'd go here again and again.

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                        Stonehill Tavern had excellent food. Was there in April. But the restaurant itself was the noisiest room I've ever been in and the tables are 3 inches apart. You have to scream at the person sitting across from you so that they hear you,and in turn, so does the table on either side of you. No privacy whatsoever.