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Sep 28, 2006 07:24 AM

Nigella Lawson on David Letterman

Did anyone see the segment on Wednesday night, 09/27/2006? She had planned a Sake glazed salmon. When Dave slipped into his routine schtick (grabbing the sake bottle and taking a big swig, then opening the mouth of the fish and tipping the bottle in, etc) she got kind of snippy. A rather different side than the one's shown on the Food Network teasers for her new show where she says, "Cooking doesn't have to be stressful...for me it's a kind of escape...and more importantly, a lot of fun." It sure looked like she'd be having a lot more fun if she could have escaped from Letterman! I though it was quite humorous.

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  1. I missed this last night.Well,eaither she has no sense of humor,or she takes cooking very seriously.

    1. I think she takes her appearances seriously and wants to do a good job. I thought Letterman was tiresome and kind of annoying. So have to side with Nigella on this one. Will say that Letterman is so predictable these days she should have seen the same old gags coming.

      However she was on Today this morning and did a very good job. She was more ‘herself’.

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      1. re: Withnail42

        Letterman is predictable, and she seemed a little graceless when he started up his predictable antics. Other Food Network chefs (Alton Brown, Batali) have been on his show and it's no secret or surprise how he behaves. One benchmark of a good TV cook should be how well one rolls with the punches, especiall y on live TV....

      2. Saw it-I thought David, whom I like, went too far. She couldnt't get a word in to describe the ingredieants. and she joked about it all too. We needn't be hard on her--she gave it a ruddy go adn handled it with aplomb, IMO.

        1. I saw the first 2 minutes (I flipped the channel) and while I like Letterman the majority of the time, he was being a schmuck.

          OTOH, NL's handlers (and the show's producers) should have prepped her properly, as in expect nothing real to happen. Someone should have told her a sake marinated salmon wouldn't work as a demo on Letterman. It was still Letterman but someone should have warned her.

          1. Ultimately the job of a talk show host is to let the guests shine and give them their moment. Last night it looked to me that Letterman was getting carried away with his old and, I hate to say, it tired routine. (How many of us knew he was going to take a drink from the sake bottle and pretend to be drunk?)He was way over the top. She couldn't do her thing. Having done the show previously I'm sure she was prepared for his gags but probably got fed up when he just wouldn’t let up. Perhaps he was showing off for Amanda Peet?

            On a side note is it just me or is the today show strategically covering up Nigella? She seems to always be standing behind some very large pots and elaborate stage decorations.

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            1. re: Withnail42

              ---"Ultimately the job of a talk show host is to let the guests shine and give them their moment."---

              Letterman makes one really miss Johnnie. Now there was a class act! Carson set the standard.

              1. re: Sharuf

                That's exactly what I was thinking. Johnny always made the guests shine.
                (David isn't really even funny anymore--used to be...)

              2. re: Withnail42

                You've touched on the real problem. Dave hasn't been funny or spontaneous since he quit drinking years ago. It is especially annoying when he plays with booze when in fact he is afraid to touch the stuff. He needs to really swig from the bottle in these skits or move on to new material.