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Sep 28, 2006 07:24 AM

Broklyn Lager?

Is there nowhere on the West Coast where I can drink Brooklyn Lager? Help!!

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  1. Good, craft-brewed beers do not travel well without a lot of expense for keeping them refrigerated and away from light. That's why you can get Bud or Michelob anywhere, but microbrews are regional. There are plenty of good lagers brewed locally. Enjoy those while you're here, and drink Brooklyn when you visit NY.

    You might also try posting your query to the Beer Board.

    1. I've not found it yet either.

      Still, you can get Anchor Steam in New York. Why not Brooklyn in SF?

      I have to say, though, that overall, if you go into a random bar in SF, their beer selection is likely to be much better than the beer selection in a random NYC bar.

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      1. re: dunstable

        Brooklyn beers, like most small brewery product, have just regional distribution and are only available from New England down to South Carolina. Anchor Steam for whatever reason has built a national distribution network and purportedly can be found in all 50 states.

        I have no idea what percentage of Anchor's output is sold in the Bay Area, but Brooklyn says that over %50 of their sales are in the NYC area.

        1. re: Woodside Al

          I've found Brooklyn lager in Denmark and Sweden and they say they ship to Japan as well. I think they have overcome the shipping's probably something else.

          1. re: NinaO

            My guess is that it's mostly the cost of setting up and coordinating a national distribution network. With the web of smallish local distributors that small brewing companies have to use in the U.S. it can be a formidable challenge. Brooklyn tried to get around this for a while by setting up their own distributing wing (which also distributed the products of several other small breweries), but found it very tough going financially and logistically and got out of the business.

      2. There's not a heck of a lot of local lager, this is more of an ale area.

        Sudwerk's the best I've tried. Gordon Biersch, unless it's one of the special brews they make for beer festivals, OK but not exciting.

        1. fiddlr40 is right, craft brewed beer, especially brewed at the smaller breweries, does not travel that well. Brewers will often decide not to send their beers across the country because of bottle stability issues. Anchor is a brewery that does a lot to their beer to increase stability--namely flash pasteurization. Thus, they feel more confident in shipping it across the country.

          Solution: drink the local beer! True there are not many local lagers to be found. But there are some fantastic Pilsners and, in the summer, you can't beat Sierra Nevada Summerfest.

          Pilsners to try:

          Gordon Biersch (always check the brewed on date on the back of the bottle for freshness!)
          Scrimshaw (North Coast Brewing)
          Trumer (brewed in Berkeley--better on tap because for some reason they insist on using green bottles!)
          Blue Paddle (New Belgium--ok it's not reall local but it gets here quickly and is a great beer from a great brewery).

          While not a lager I am also very fond of Pyramid Curve Ball (a kolsch style ale) which is either brewed in Berkeley or Portland I am never sure.

          I'm always on the lookout for a good local lager so if anybody has suggestions please post them!

          1. please go to the toronado and just explore the vast selection of beers, you will find offerings on par with anything from brooklyn brewery if not better.

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            1. re: beer786

              I don't think the suggestion was that Brooklyn beers are the best in America, or at least that wasn't what I was suggesting. Favorite beers are like favorite shirts: it's not that there aren't other plenty of other shirts you can wear or buy, but if your favorite shirt gets ruined, you'll still get upset. Same with beers: I'm sure the original poster has tasted many great beers here, but he's going to miss Brooklyn all the same.

              Thankfully, my favorite beer is Newcastle, which is quite common here.

              1. re: beer786

                Toronado is a great bar, but it isn't the solution to all of our beer problems. California, especially northern california, has a very particular beer aesthetic which almost all the bars around here cater to. Toronado is no exception, and while they do have a good selection, their beers tend to be close to this california, hoppy, spicey, dry mouth, occasionally poorly balanced type of beer.