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Sep 28, 2006 07:16 AM

Beware of Boa in Santa Monica

First, the hostess rushed outside and tried to sit us next to a guy smoking a cigar. Then she disappeared, before we even sat down. I went back to the station to object and she got mad at me for objecting. She did't like my attitude. The other hostess took over and gave us a nice table inside. The food, with wine, was $300 plus tip. It was OK. Nothing special. I went outside to get my car and learned that parking was $15. Ask if I'll return.

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      1. Why was your parking $15? I went not long ago, and I seem to remember it being $7 or so for 3 hours, with validation.

        1. Validation? It was 10:30 pm, the parking stand stated it was for Boa and there wasn't another business close by. After getting hasseled by the hostess, I guess I didn't have it in me to argue. The guy ended up with an $8 tip. I should have gone to Michael's, but my guest wanted to try something different. I'll learn.

          1. If the hostess was rude, let a manager know. You can't blame her for the cigar, but patios generally are smoking permissable. It's your preference if you don't want to sit there.
            I don't condone nor excuse her behavior, but once you got the other hostess to reseat you, it didn't seem as if there were other problems, but it's tough to say with a degree of certainty because you said everything was "ok."
            As for the valet, was this your first time dining out in L.A.? I'm sorry, that was a little tongue in cheek, but it's not like that it's a big shocker here in L.A. that a valet is $7, $10, heck even $20.00 in various places on the strip. And Boa Santa Monica has never been $15.00 in the dozens of times I've been there.
            It would seem a shame that you not return because of one lousy hostess, a cigar that wasn't really her, nor your fault, and your oversight on a valet charge...

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              The check was $300 for two people!! This isn't Denny's. Sorry, but I've lived in LA for 30 years and I've eaten at most of the good restaurants (although I can't get into Cut) and I have never been treated that way. I should point out that the first hostess said there weren't any other tables and it was only after the second woman intervened, were we seated.