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Beware of Boa in Santa Monica

First, the hostess rushed outside and tried to sit us next to a guy smoking a cigar. Then she disappeared, before we even sat down. I went back to the station to object and she got mad at me for objecting. She did't like my attitude. The other hostess took over and gave us a nice table inside. The food, with wine, was $300 plus tip. It was OK. Nothing special. I went outside to get my car and learned that parking was $15. Ask if I'll return.

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      1. Why was your parking $15? I went not long ago, and I seem to remember it being $7 or so for 3 hours, with validation.

        1. Validation? It was 10:30 pm, the parking stand stated it was for Boa and there wasn't another business close by. After getting hasseled by the hostess, I guess I didn't have it in me to argue. The guy ended up with an $8 tip. I should have gone to Michael's, but my guest wanted to try something different. I'll learn.

          1. If the hostess was rude, let a manager know. You can't blame her for the cigar, but patios generally are smoking permissable. It's your preference if you don't want to sit there.
            I don't condone nor excuse her behavior, but once you got the other hostess to reseat you, it didn't seem as if there were other problems, but it's tough to say with a degree of certainty because you said everything was "ok."
            As for the valet, was this your first time dining out in L.A.? I'm sorry, that was a little tongue in cheek, but it's not like that it's a big shocker here in L.A. that a valet is $7, $10, heck even $20.00 in various places on the strip. And Boa Santa Monica has never been $15.00 in the dozens of times I've been there.
            It would seem a shame that you not return because of one lousy hostess, a cigar that wasn't really her, nor your fault, and your oversight on a valet charge...

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              The check was $300 for two people!! This isn't Denny's. Sorry, but I've lived in LA for 30 years and I've eaten at most of the good restaurants (although I can't get into Cut) and I have never been treated that way. I should point out that the first hostess said there weren't any other tables and it was only after the second woman intervened, were we seated.

            2. Try it for lunch. I've been there twice, and the food and service were both stellar.

              1. A cigar at a steakhouse?! Outside even!? Come on...

                Regardless, rude hostesses/hosts are the worst and should be drowned.

                1. Sounds like you didn't know to get your ticket validated. You have to do that, at all the restaurants on Ocean, because so many people park and then go to the Promenade. I'm surprised the valet didn't tell you to go back inside to get the validation.

                  I would tell the manager about the rude hostess, that's NEVER acceptable.

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                    Her frantic efficiency overtook her manners and she became very defensive when I objected. She forgot they're supposed to serve cattle, not treat you like one. And, yes, the valet should have told me to get a validation -- but guess who as at the front desk when I left? I have a favorite restaurant in every part of town -- Michael's, The Grill on the Alley, Musso's, The Pacific Dining Car, Yang Chow, etc. -- and I've been going to them for years. "Everyone knows your name." I should learn --at my age -- not to be adventurous.

                    1. re: Hunter

                      Hi there Hunter. Sounds like you did what many of us might do in that situation. Don't let that experience curtail your search for the new and delicious. Never too old to be adventurous, and good luck next time!