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Sep 28, 2006 07:15 AM

Beer Geography

I moved to San Francisco about a year ago and the beer here is just too hoppy. From what I can piece together from some foggy memories of Portland, the beer there was nice and malty and dark and wonderful. Of course, I still love the hearty beers from my home in New England (Did anyone out there get a taste of the Smoked Lager that Sam Adams was brewing a few months ago). From what I can tell, beers from the middle of the country tend to be on the light side for my taste. Would anyone out there like to speculate on the cause of vastly different regional beer tastes? Can I get some sypathy for being stuck here in SF drinking hopped up beer while soon my friends back east will get to trudge to the pub in the snow for all those great porters and stouts and lagers.

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  1. The West (primarily WA, OR, ID) is where most US hops are grown, so I'd think it would follow that they'd make a lot of hoppy beers.

    Lots of German (lager) influence in the MW.

    But back to your plight, I'm sure someone there makes the beer you seek. There are zillions of breweries in the West. Have you tried some of the local brown ales? I recall Lost Coast makes one, and I'm sure there are others. Stone Smoked Porter?

    Have you looked for a copy of Celebrator Beer News? That should be a fine resource in your search. And I wouldn't doubt if there was a local Internet mailing list or other forum on beer.

    1. Sam Adam's has been making a rauchbier at their pilot brewery in Boston for a couple of years now. It usually shows up at beer fests and maybe Doyle's near the brewery. Its ok, but not enough smoke flavor imo.

      You will be able to find malt accented beers where you are. Just don't drink the hoppy styles.

      Use this website to begin your search:

      1. Anchor Porter is brewed in San Fran, and is not a hop-monster. Other options that should be available to you:

        Bear Republic Big Black Stout and Red Rocket Ale
        Lost Coast Downtown Brown Ale and Great White
        Lagunitas Brown Shugga
        The aforementioned Stone Smoked Porter
        Hoptown Oatmeal Stout
        Anderson Valley Amber, Oatmeal Stout, and Poleeko Gold

        1. Rogue also makes plenty of porters and stouts which should be available in SF. Try their Shakepeare stout, it is excellent.

          By the way i think you will have a hard time getting people to feel sorry for you as far as beer goes on the west coast. Most of the top breweries in the US reside there.

          1. No sympathy from me. Although the styles in the area often emphasize hoppiness, there are more and better choices of beer in the Bay Area than anywhere else. You need to get to Toronado or Pacific Coast Brewing (or any of the other good beer pubs) and start sampling. Ask the bartender for help. I've found most to be very knowledgeable about what they are making and pouring. Also, if you want some Oregon beers, there are plenty of good ones available at BevMo.