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Sep 28, 2006 06:44 AM


I walked by Albona on Francisco Street in North Beach a few weeks ago. A really nice guy who was standing outside tried to draw me in, but I was on my way elsewhere. It looked interesting. Has anyone been there?

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  1. I havn't been, but I would be leery of any restaurant that has someone out front trying to lure in customers.

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    1. Lots of mention on this board, most recently 2 weeks ago:

      1. It is an authentic Italian joint, quiet, and run by the owner. he is a happy man, and has the typical draw you in the door because you are in the neighborhood, type of guy. I ate there a few years ago and while I loved the service, and thought the food was good, I didn't think it was great.

        I don't remember what I ordered, only that it was quite different from what I expected. It sounds more along the lines of La Ciccia (which I haven't been to and want to try) in that it isn't pasta and pizza focused (don't even think they have a pizza on the menu). but, I think just in service alone it is worth checking out. It may be that I ordered the wrong things, or wasn't open to them at the time.