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Sep 28, 2006 05:44 AM

ISO family friendly in Bergen or Rockland counties

3 adults and 3 kids (3, 5 and 7) in from out of state for the Army football game at West Point on Saturday. We'll need dinner afterwards, preferably in the vicinity of our hotels which are in Mahwah and Pearl River. I'm in charge of driving, so I have the power to choose where we eat, ha ha ha. But not being from the area, I'd just end up wandering around and then being ordered to stop at the first chain we see. Please help me avoid that scenario. How about a place known for its burgers? Or great pizza? If the place has good beer, too, that would be a plus. TIA!

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  1. Rick's American Grill in Congers fits the bill. They have good burgers, good beer, and great ribs if you like them. Also, if you like BBQ, Baily's an Irish Pub in Blauvelt, on Erie St. just updated their menu. They have all types of smoked items, + they have pizza, this pizza is average. The pulled pork platter I ate the other night was great. I know they have beer, (It's more of a sports bar/restaurant), I just don't know the range of their collection. They have a good special, for 20.00 you get a pizza, wings, and a pitcher of domestic beer.

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      I just had one of Baileys' Barberubens today- man, what an awesome sandwich. I guess I can see how the concept would displease BBQ purists, but you really could tell that it was built on a foundation of great brisket. Of course, you could just get the brisket by its lonesome.

      As to beer they had the regular domestic macros plus Guinness and Smithwick's (in keeping with the Irish heritage of the place) and Sam Adams Octoberfest all on tap. Definitely serviceable. (FWIW- the best beer in the area is in Pearl River nowadays, 15 min. from Bailey's. Defiant Brewery just opened, though I don't think they are keeping regular hours yet.)

    2. Lucky you! Staying in Mawah, you're minutes away from Kinchley's which has the best pizza around. There may be a wait and it's cash only, but it's well worth it. Try the fresh garlic w/ black olives. Route 17 to Franklin Tpke exit. If heading south on 17, go under the exit overpass and pass over the highway. Kinchley's will be about 1/2 mile on your right. There's another place, about a minute away called Ginger and Spice. It's pan-asian and their gimmick is that every booth has a flat-screen TV. Good for keeping the kids occupied. Food is good as are the prices. G&S is located in the mall that contains Kohls. It's on Rt. 17 North, just past the aforementioned Franklin Tpke. exit.

      1. agree with the above advice- for cheap and excellent thin crust pizza and good salads in a tavern atmosphere (thankfully now smoke free) suggest kinchleys- always good. Ginger and spice can be excellent although more pricy ( kinchleys is cheap)---definitely call in advance to reserve a booth as there are maybe 6 or 7 of them and tell the kids to bring a dvd if you like. Another choice in mahwah is mason jar (Burgers, bar food, pizza, sandwiches- good atmosphere but food not as good)

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          Just for directions, Mason Jar is on Rt 202/Ramapo Valley Rd. and is also an exit off 17. While Ginger and Spice is *more* pricy than Kinchley's it's still more than reasonable. Pad Thai is around 6 or 7 dollars and plentiful. It would more than likely serve all three of the kids. I'd say Kinchley's is your best bet though. They don't have a great beer selection, but pitchers of Rolling Rock are the best bargain. By the way, Pearl River is probably a ten minute drive from Mahwah.