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Sep 28, 2006 04:56 AM

Have a 'Whale' of a Birthday - Carvel’s Fudgie the Whale - It's What Happy Tastes Like!

Maybe it’s not what delicious tastes like, but it is what happy tastes like. How can anyone not like a whale cake that smiles at you?

A thin layer of fudge on top sits on a layer of chocolate ice cream. The bottom is vanilla ice cream and the two layers are separated by Oreo-like cookie crumbs Carvel calls crunchies. Cake crumbs are on the side of the cake. Whipped cream is piped on the edges and it is finished with a fishy Mona Lisa smile.

This is not a cake you want to deconstruct. The whipped cream piping in itself is sort of marshmallow-y sweet, the fudge tasting more sweet than chocolaty. I like Carvel’s chocolate soft-serve the best and the chocolate layer is very like that. Carvel’s ice cream has an ultra-smooth, pleasant mouth-feel. The crunchies a little limp and more in an Oreo knock-off class.

But put it all together on one fork and the chocolate and vanilla play off of one another, the fudgy top gets toned down by the other flavors and the cookie crumbs add a nice flavor and texture. The whole is better than the parts.

What's not to like about cookies and cream ice cream. It is sweet and a little goes a long way.

The Carvel chocolate soft-serve cone I had recently was better than my memory of it. I want one every time I’m anywhere near Carvel.

No one can deny Fudgie is sweet, but a little too sweet. This was probably the last time we will meet Fudgie, my friend.

The children at the party loved Fudgie as much as I did long ago. But I grew up and my tastes have changed. I suspect even Fudgie’s tastes have changed and that some of Fudgie’s sugar is now corn syrup. I like the corniness of Fudgie, but not in that way.

Carvel lists Fudgie in its management profiles along with Cookie Puss (Fudgie gets higher billing, as he well should


Fudgie the Whale, Spokescake, Carvel Corporation

“Mr. Whale came to Carvel at the swim-vitation of founder Tom Carvel. A resident of the cool Arctic Ocean, Fudgie is a very laid back, nature-loving mammal”

It goes on to list his favorite book, Moby Dick and his favorite song, Surfing USA”. There is more about his resume prior to joining the Carvel team.

More on fudgie

Fudgie moonlights – pics of Fudgie and Santa side by side.

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  1. oh my god, those crunchies....they DEFINE "birthday party" for me...those carvel cakes were ubiquitous at every celebration growing up in new jersey. I don't think I even tasted real cake until I was like 10.

    1. The crunchy bits used to be better IMO. I distinctly remember noticing the change. The used to be crunchier, like old-recipe Hydrox cookies. Then, I think it was around the time Sunshine "improved" Hydrox to make the cookies more like Oreos, the Carvel crunchies became less crisp and more crumbly.. like Oreos. Maybe it was during the 1980s? I seem to remember some car-magazine columnist, maybe the scandal-ridden Satch Carlson, complaining about the "improved" Hydrox because the crisper, less-crumbly old ones made much less of a mess if you ate them out of a bag on the passenger seat while rally-driving.

      It almost gets you thinking that Carvel got its crunchies from Sunshine. Hmm.

      Anyway, over the years I've grudgingly come to accept the new, less-crunchy, less-chocolaty crunchies, though to get the crunchy impact of my childhood, I've turned to some lesser-known Carvel cake designs that coat the whole darn thing in crunchies. They compensate for the eternally mediocre Carvel ice cream and those weird icings.

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      1. re: hatless

        I can promise you (let's just not say how) that the crunchies have nothing to do with either Sunshine or Nabisco. And you can always get crunchies as a topping on your ice cream or special order any cake coated in crunchies. If you're looking for off-the-shelf crunchies, though, try Hug Me the Bear or, especially this time of year, the Gameball.

      2. Does Carvel still make Cookie Puss?

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          1. re: rworange

            Thanks, I just found it on their website. I see they have Nutty the Ghost for Halloween. I haven't been to Carvel in years.