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Sep 28, 2006 04:45 AM

Seattle chowhound needs St. Louis suggestions

Visiting St. Louis soon. Seeking the names of two great places with
innovative and/or amazingly flavorful food with a good atmosphere. And what dishes at those places are sublime? Am staying at the Chase Park Plaza---are any of the restaurants there
good? And I love BBQ, especially pulled pork. What's the best place in STL? Thanks!

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  1. St. Louis is not a good town for BBQ. Memphis is the pork BBQ capital and Kansas City is the beef BBQ capital but St. Louis has nothing. Many people will disagree with me but the best pulled pork will be found at a local chain called Bandana's.

    The Chase puts you in a very good area for restaurants. The area is known as the Central West End and there is quite a good selection of place all along Euclid Ave and its sidestreets. I can personally recommend Zoe and Liluma.

    You can search for restaurants here
    Search for Central West End in the location pull down in Section 3.

    The Eau Bistro at the Chase has been well received but I haven't been, so I can't give a personal recommendation.

    For innovative and flavorful fare, my personal favorite place is The Pitted Olive on Hampton Ave. This would be a short drive from the Chase. Try whatever soup they have that day. The chicken and goat cheese sandwich is exquisite as is the eggplant cannelloni appetizer.

    1. since the Seattle hounds gave us wonderful recs I had to chime in....
      the recs above are easy to agree on. I used to go to cfe Eau b/c they had a particularly nice breakfast/staff. Not too sure these days since it has been a while. I went once and it seemed the whole rest' was hung over- every thing had an old smoke smell that put me off rushing back.
      while I highly rec the Pitted Olive, Tererene on Srah btwn Lindle and Laclede is sublime; I had a special there once that had a subtle sacue that I could not figure out untill they told us it was made of sweet corn. They focus on local and carefully raised foods.I would rec anything- I think they do a nice brunch on Sunday but have not made it there yet.
      check out the past recs for the CWE/central West End and you will see how many great options there are w/in walking distance.

      1. Just a quick clarification. The restaurant on Sarah is called Terrene. It's wonderful. Food that manages to be tasty and beautiful without being foo-foo. The wine list is eclectic and not (IMHO) overpriced.

        1. There is a restaurant downtown called "An American Place". It is a splurge restaurant, but well worth it.

          1. I say skip An American Place. It's not unique to St. Louis, and it's not going to be something he couldn't get back home in Seatle.

            I think these restaurants are unique to our city and are of a fair value:
            Terrene (though I'm not a huge fan...we ate there when it first opened, however, so I suppose I'll have to give it another shot.)

            I think Atlas is a strong contendor and will be near where you will be. It's French Mediterranean, but no matter how many times I'll mention it, I'll mention it again because everything there is done right.

            I think Niche is fairly unique to St. Louis, in that you'd be hard pressed to find a restaurant that looks as trendy for even close to the price that dining there will set you back.

            I think Arthur Clay's is a bit unique in that they're the only restaurant in St. Louis changing their menu daily. It has been known to set a few people back, however, dependant on your definition of expensive.