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Sep 28, 2006 04:34 AM

Seattle chowhound needs Austin suggestions

Visiting Austin in early November. Need one special place with
great food---innovative and flavorful---with a good atmosphere for
business dinner. Cost not an an issue. And I love BBQ, particularly pulled pork--any thoughts where to go for that? And any interesting, "full of character" places for breakfast and lunch.

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  1. if you are coming to texas from seattle, you gotta stick to mexican and bbq during your time here. i would suggest Fonda San Miguel (interior mexican on North Loop) to make a good impression for business dinner.

    we don't do pulled pork in texas. brisket is where it's at. east side has some interesting "full of character" places. i suggest Ben's Longbranch (east 11th) for bbq and grape koolaid. they also have meats other places don't offer like mutton and pork butt. i also suggest carnitas tacos from Angie's also on east side (7th and I-35). angie's carnitas are the closest thing you'll get to pulled pork and they are divine.

    1. There are lots of places for a spend all you want dinner. Uchi, Fonda San Miguel, Eddie Vs, etc. Depends what you want. There is actually one place in town that does a decent pulled pork, although nobody on here except me likes it. It's Busters out on 620 on the way to Lakeway. You take 2244 to 71, turn right and go about half a mile to 620, take another right and go about a half mile. It's in an old VFW hall. Take your own sauce if you want it.

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        You should make a short 30-minute journey to Lockhart, the Central Texas-style BBQ capital of the world.

        Hey, can you bring me stuff from Salumi? When are you coming? Email me if you're interested:

      2. I'll second the suggestion for Fonda San Miguel for your business dinner, although Hudson's on the Bend and Driskill Grill each fit your requirements as well.

        And I'll also offer a very strong second to the suggestion that you take the short and easy drive to Lockhart to sample the world's best 'cue. The "traditional" thing to do there is to sample the brisket from each of the three best joints: Smitty's (and be sure to tour the whole building), Black's and Kreuz. Lockhart is a particularly short jaunt south from the airport. What I always recommend to visitors is that they rise early on the morning of departure, head down to Lockhart to try the 'cue at the various temples, and then pack up some to take home, the best and tastiest and most-appreciated Central Texas souvenir imaginable.

        1. Second the recs for FSM and the Lockhart swing. I brought home a 3.5 lb clod of brisket from Black's and it was well worth the effort. Just make sure they trim it really well...I was not adamant enough and wound up with a fair amount of fat at $10 a pound.

          1. I posted the original query and want to thank those who took the trouble to reply. My visit turned out this way... Had the business dinner at Fonda San Miquel. It was good, but it had that feeling of coasting on past fame. I realize I'd rather partonize newer, not yet discovered places, in the hope of the grand meal, before the formula sloth kicks in. Next night was Uchi, which was outstanding. Busy, humming, lots of creative dishes as well as standards, done well, I loved that place!