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Sep 28, 2006 04:04 AM

Revisitng Vancouver after three years

I am coming back to your lovely city soon. On my last visit we went to C, Vijs, Tojo,and Sun Sui Wah. Are there any new places that serve good seasonal food? Cuisine and price not a concern. We will be getting around on public transportation, but that was not a problem last time . Thanks, SF Chowhound

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  1. Where abouts will you be staying?

    1. If you have the budget for a splurge, West will take care of regional/seasonal needs with flying colors. You can choose from a limited offering on the early bird deal which represents an excellent value.

      1. We went ot WEST and had a very nice meal. If you have not tried Lumiere it is always "critically acclaimed"
        An Italian friend of mine loves Cioppinos