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Sep 28, 2006 04:03 AM

Williamsburg, VA Thanksgiving


We will be in Williamsburg VA for a long Thanksgiving weekend and would love to have suggestions as to Thanksgiving dinner places. Very traditional Thanksgiving restaurant offerings that will satisfy fussy foodies from NY or very non-traditional choices if the traditional options are warmed over buffet options or the like.

Also, we would appreciate receiving ideas for other restuarants/meals/dives we shouldn't miss while in the area. We will be driving from New York City and ideas for places along the way would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,


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  1. Restaurant's not to miss:

    In Merchant's Square, Colonial Williamsburg -
    The Trellis (proabably the best bet for thanksgiving too)
    Blue Talon Bistro
    The Fat Canary

    Outside colonial w'burg
    Whitehall Restaurant (fine dining with a european flair, and a recently added lounge/bar area that's extremely iniviting, a great place to spend the rest of an evening after dinner (it's filled with leather couches and chairs, a gorgeous hand carved wooden bar, and dark curtains, nice and warm and cozy for a fall evening)

    Also, the dining room at the Williamsburg Inn (the most upscale old world and most expensive hotel in town) I'm sure has T'giving dinner. I would try there as well.

    1. The Burg is pretty dead during Thanksgiving, and you won't find too much cutting edge food, but there are some good places.

      I'll second the Fat Canary as a very good place for dinner. A tad on the funky side with some nice juxtaposition in the dishes. Grab some sandwiches for lunch at the Cheese Shop (don't miss the bread ends and house dressing), which is housed in the same space.

      I was always dissapointed by the Trellis. Good desserts, but the flavors in the entres never popped for me. Still, could be your best bet for Thanksgiving dinner. If the outdoor seating is open, it can be a good place for lunch.

      The Williamsburg Inn is as old and traditional as you can get. Past its prime, IMHO, the menu hasn't changed since the 60's.

      Someone may mention the Taverns, which are an interesting place to eat dinner. The food isn't bad, and the setting can be fun, but no one will be calling the James Beard people to come check it out.

      Pierce's Pitt BBQ is a can't miss dive. You may be able to satisfy NY types with a Hot Holly at Paul's Deli, across from the College. And if you have a sweet tooth the Wythe Candy shop will hit the spot.

      On the way down, stop in Fredricksburg to get frozen custard at Carl's.

      1. I second and third the Pierce's recommendation. Can't believe I forgot to mention it!

        The Blue Talon Bistro (in the Cheese Shop's old location) is a new and neat find. has the feel of a true french bistro and the menu to match. it's pretty hip yet cozy. i prefer it over the Trellis. you're not likely to find a turkey dinner there, but it's a must stop for lunch or dinner any other day.

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          Hi Meg- I saw your comment on Season...can you tell me a little more? I was planning on having a private event there for my upcoming wedding, but am now nervous. Thanks in advance!

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            pthead....I think you meant to ask sambo83. I haven't eaten there so can't comment. Though my parents live there and I know they've stopped in for sandwiches at lunch but I've never heard them say they've had dinner there. They are serious Hounds and eat out frequently, so I'm afraid that probably says something.

        2. As A William and Mary alum I spent way too much time in the Merchant Square area of Williamsburg, and I'd have to agree with the recommendations of a sandwich from the cheese shop and avoiding the Trellis. Also, avoid Seasons, trust me. Berrets has great seafood and a great atmosphere if you're looking for upscale, Nawab is quality indian if that interests you, and the Green Leaf over Paul's Deli any day of the week.

          1. I'm not sure if they do anything special for Thanksgiving, but Le Yaca, near Kingsmill, is an amazing French restaurant. More on the expensive side, and not in the cutesy tourist part of town, but definitely worth the drive.

            And I agree with everything that's been said above - Trellis only for dessert, Cheese Shop for a sandwich, and the Green Leafe has much better food & beer than Paul's. Enjoy your holiday!

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              You all must have had a little more cash during college than I did. The Green Leaf was just a bit too rich for my blood when I was a student and it always had too many professors and grad students! :) Honestly, I can never "remember" being in the Leafe, although I'm sure I grabbed drink or two at one point or another. I think we can all agree to stay away from the College Delli and Mamam Mia's, right?

              One more thought, please be very careful about eating anywhere on Richmond Road. Row upon row of tourist traps.