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Sep 28, 2006 03:27 AM

ISO Peanut Butter Sauce like Friendly's in L.A.?

Husband and best friend keep raving about the peanut butter sundaes from friendly's they would eat as kids. They especially rave about the peanut butter sauce on top. Anyone know of a place in L.A. (we're in Sherman Oaks but we'll drive) where we can find anything comparable.

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  1. Oh... I can't help but I'm interested to hear results. I miss Friendly's :(

    1. sorry i cant be of any help, but i LOVE friendly's sundaes...they're whipped cream is just unbelievable, and i could care less about it (i think it's from marshmallows). i always used to get the reeses peanut butter cup sundae like clockwork. i havent been on a peanut butter sauce hunt tho, but i will keep my eyes open. man now i cant wait to have one when i go back home!

      1. I also miss Friendly's. It's not the same thing, but the peanut butter cup perfection (w/ vanilla, not chocolate ice cream) at coldstone's, is the closest I've found. It's a poor substitute though.

        1. The original comment has been removed